New World Ad Appears on PSN as Game's Social Teases "Exciting Announcement" for Summer Game Fest

An ad for New World, has surfaced on the PlayStation Network, and this falls in line with the studio teasing an announcement at SGF.

Christopher47d ago

Might get me to try it out since I hate playing MMOs on PC.

jznrpg47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I liked MMO’s on PC back in the day but I do prefer console these days. I may check this out

Santouryuu40d ago

What makes a console MMO more preferable to a PC one?

Christopher38d ago

Better controls (I hate keyboard heavy games) and no need for chat communication. So, mostly a preference of how I want to enjoy my online games. I don't want to be typing or clicking buttons. Just holding a controller, chatting when I want (but hearing others when needed in raids even if I'm not). It also tends to be a much better UI. Lot less clutter without the unnecessary hot bars and chat UI and whatnot. Most PC-focused MMOs have a lot of button pressing for abilities that doesn't make it more fun, just more tedious I find.


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shinoff218340d ago

If they were gonna get into game development. They should've started with single player games imo

Gameseeker_Frampt38d ago

Is it really a review bomb if the game deserves it?


It’s Time To Give New World A Second Chance - Hardcore Gamer

New World breathes new life into the game on its second anniversary. On October 3rd, 2023, New World will launch its first expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth.

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