Could "The Precursors" be the First True Role-Playing First-Person Shooter?

"Our game will be much more dynamic than a typical RPG."

The Precursors, an upcoming title for PC and Xbox 360, is another game hoping to successfully merge two existing genres for a new kind of gaming experience. The two genres in question: RPG and FPS.

Role-playing games, known for their deep and involving worlds and plotlines, and first-person shooters, known for their intense and unrelenting combat, are not genres that can be easily matched. However, Sergey Zabaryansky (Director of The Precursors) believes it is possible. He says there are a lot of good shooters on the market, but they "don't give you a true freedom of actions." The same goes for RPGs – there are good games available, but they are mostly set in fairy-tale worlds.

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4283d ago
ElementX4283d ago

This game sounds interesting, I can't wait to see/read more about it! I love FPS and RPG games, combining the two is awesome.

4283d ago
HuntingYou4283d ago

It sounds pretty cool, but I don't think Xbox 360 can handel it or at least handle it well.
With the game combining so much the engine would be very complex and the 360 just can't cut it.
This sounds like a perfect game for the PS3, with it being able to do more complex things.

The 360 will probably ruin it and the devs will stop taking chances like this, unless it does really well on the PC.

ElementX4283d ago

Do you think the PS3 would handle it easier? *snicker*

HuntingYou4283d ago

if I remember correctly, is that not what the ps3 was designed for? It is suppose to be able to handle huge giant sprawling worlds , while the 360 had better graphics. Something about 2TF?

FordGTGuy4283d ago

that the Xbox 360 has more useable RAM at all times meaning it can handle games better.

HuntingYou4283d ago

its not about how much is available, but how you USE it. That memory bottleneck is just a myth.

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Merovee4283d ago

PlanetSide *cough* MMOFPS with leveling and skills selection for what you can use *cough* Sony Online Entertainment *cough*

But hey since when does "reporting" and "accuracy" have to go hand in hand nowadays.

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The story is too old to be commented.