Killzone 2: Final build IGN Impressions HD

Watch and Listen to IGN's impressions on one of the most anticipated games of 2009. Enjoy!

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omega73896d ago

But this was posted before

and it is i think a month old

i expect 10/10 from IGN and IGN is the only site i trust

Divinius3896d ago

I know people don't have access to IGN Insider, but this video just came in the IGN newsletter. We have seen their take on the preview build, but this is their impressions on the final build

omega73896d ago

thanks for the clarification

Jeff Haynes is reviewing KZ2

Jeff is the best editor in the world . I respect that man

Cant wait for KZ2 awesomeness

lord_of_balrogs3896d ago

Who said you can't go in guns blazing and that it requires tactics? He must of taken at least 300 shots and didn't die once. Granted the gameplay and game itself looks beautiful, but the A.I. manages to miss you from 2 feet away, and then just stand still for 2 seconds, and then when you do take on shots you don't even get fazed.

omega73896d ago

the AI in the latter stages of KZ2 is termed as KILLER AI

does that tell u anything

the final boss in KZ2 has almost lieflike AI

also IGN was playing it on EASY

ajeben8093896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

it would be nice if the firken guy giving his "impressions" would actually give his impressions on the game rather than running us through whats happenin on the screen...which he does for almost the whole video!

game looks wicked though, ive already made my own impressions

Aquanox3896d ago

It looks pretty, action looks frenetic...


Am I the ONLY one noticing those annoying framerate issues? I'm not sure if this is the final code but if it is, I'd be a bit worried.

BkaY3896d ago

there u have it 10 from ign...

well doesn't im gonna pick it up anyway .... :)

but ign is the only site i trust......

FOXDIE3895d ago

if you watched the video you could maybe have understood from the reviewer that there where NO framerate issues. I know what you are talking about, I dont think thats because of the game.

Aquanox3895d ago

I HAVE watched this and many other videos, and in every single of them, the developers keep mentioning that the game has a nearly flawless framerate.

However, that's not nearly what the actual video is showing, and I'm not only talking about this one, but others from IGN and Gamersyde.

Therefore, whether no website has shown a final code video, which is entirely possible, or the game actually has some noticeable framerate issues. I guess we'll see it first from reviews and ultimately from personal experience.

badz1493895d ago

as hopefull as I'm that KZ2 will get 10/10 from every review, they'll somehow drag it from that 10 just for the 'no co-op' reason! if only co-op exist, then I'll have no more reason that I can think preventing KZ2 from the magic 10! either way, even if they are going to put it as a 5/10, I'll still buy it day 1! only a month left to spare but this wait is killing me!

FOXDIE3895d ago

I just watched the video again in HD. I can confirm that the lag or framerate problem your talking about is not the game, but the video it self.

Ju3895d ago

Its the video. Non-scaled on my machine is fine, fullscreen, fps drops.

Cutnell3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Aquanox try watching the video on a computer other than the pile of crap you have now. I see no framerate issues on my desktop, but my laptop is a different story. If I'm on the laptop selecting HD is like selecting Play slideshow.

I looked at your previous post history to see what your motives are. Why do you care so much about the xbox selling better than the PS, etc? What gain do you receive personally? Now add in your comments about KZ2 and "framerate issues" that are not there, and I think we have a classic (insert favorite fanatic fan term) on our hands.

dantesparda3895d ago

Aquanox is full of sh!t, he's a 360 fanboy with a agenda. I never seen the framerate issues he is talking about. It is the way his computer handles the videos

ThanatosDMC3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

The guy cant snipe very well. It's like he is hitting the analogue stick to much rather than fine aim his shot.

Probably doesnt use the PS3 controller much. I mean, he cant aim for $hit. He's playing on easy mode and the AI bots are practically just waving their hands at him so he can shoot them in the head...

OOG3895d ago

an FPS getting a 10/10 from ign is possibly one of the most unlikely things to see....and we wont be seeing it in feb...but it should get a good score still tho

CommonSense3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

a high budget run-of-the-mill shooter.

edit: uh oh aquanox. you are praising this game and sucking it off along with all these idiot fanboys. better be ready to have 1 bubble like me. :)

f7897903895d ago

Your computer is probably stuttering or something because I see perfectly smooth gameplay.

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TheColbertinator3896d ago

I pre-ordered the demo of KZ2.I'll see how it turns out

omega73896d ago

as for how it turns out it doesnt even need to be said that it is AWESOME

Ofcourse some haters could give the game less than 9 but nothing stops people from buying KZ2

the game is that good

TheColbertinator3896d ago

My PSN is Nintendo_Dude and I play Resistance 1 and 2.

I also use a second account for MGO.

What is yours,Omega 4,5,6,7 etc?

omega73896d ago

also Nintendo dude---that explains everything

seriously do u own a wii---haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ichiryoka3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Man I'm so lost on how so many people can Still be skeptical of this game. lol. Man what is everyone afraid of? It being too good? Seriously every siteyou can think of has had positive views on this game and even some sites trying to nitpick at the game could hardly find anything valid.

So after reading some reviews and some previews of this game which were all positive, what are you looking for? lol. A bad review so you can say, "I told you so." Seriously man this game will be a masterpiece, I was looking through the forums the other day and someone had a gif of killzone 2. It shows sev wading through water under what looked like a pier. As he was walking you could see the water rise and fall and droplets of water were dripping from the top of the pier, all while being illuminated by lightning every few seconds.

All I can say is to the people who don't believe in the hype, you may not believe now, but if you play the demo or even when the rest of the reviews are released. YOU WILL BE KILLZOWNED!!!

TheColbertinator3896d ago


My account is fake? You have not proved it.I'm wondering if the biggest PS3 defender on this site doesn't have a PS3


omega73896d ago

TROLL proof is not even needed

your comment history is enough to prove you TROLL

start crying on Feb 27 cuz KZ2 will blow everyone away

we dont care about reviews from some hater websites

3896d ago
reelife3896d ago

Is not fake, i've added you on psn

Kain813896d ago

yea i have seen this level on they showed the 4th Level.
and the wind had an effect to the Water.
But i described it as a sea, cause my english is not that good, pier is the word what i searched for.thx

Killzone 2 is a truly masterpiece, i hope they use this engine for other Games/genre like RPGs.

Aquanox3896d ago

I can't believe nobody has pointed out those framerate issues. I hope this one is not the final code (at least what is shown in the videos)

Torch3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

"I can't believe nobody has pointed out those framerate issues."

Well, actually...YOU have.


Yes, we get it: The INTERNET video has framerate issues.

Thanks for the heads-up, you Good Samaritan with Absolutely No Ulterior Motives, you.

Aquanox3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Lets say you're correct and it's only a problem of bad encoding. How about the plethora of all other videos from IGN, GamersyDe, Gametrailers, and many others? I'm yet to find one without the framerate dropping to worrying levels. It never gets unplayable, but if you play COD4 and then this one (this build), chances are that you will find the slowdowns very noticeable.

For a game that has been in production for so long, I expect this one being an old build and the final code nearly framerate locked.

Bits-N-Kibbles3895d ago

I laugh at your frame rate explanation and expertise. Please do us a favor and spare us the rest of your bubbles.

gametheory3895d ago

Considering we are in the open zone, I can freely call you a dipsh1t. Now that we've cleared what you are, let's just think for a second. If there was *really* a framerate issue, don't you think anyone OTHER THAN YOURSELF would have said something? If you truly think you're being honest and not trolling, then don't you think that maybe, just maybe you have to take those Bill Gates glasses off your eyeballs, dumbass?

And if you *are* trolling, could you at least use a different picture for your avatar? That would make it a little less obvious. I'm getting used to your retarded comments about PS3 games anyway, how about being a little less predictable? Hell, make a duplicate account and use the name of a PS3 character (hell, Nariko maybe?) and spew some bullsh1t. At least in the beginning you might fool someone, you retard.

diatom3895d ago

I must have missed the part with the framerate issues when I was distracted by the reviewers talking about there not being any framerate issues.

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3896d ago Replies(8)
Az3896d ago

Damn, I want the game so badly.. the wait is such a pain :(

badkolo3896d ago

yeah claiming teamxbox will review it wa skinda dumb, but ill let that one slide.

I expect great scores for the game, cant wait, want my demo from my preorder.

omega73896d ago

But yea except

Gamedaily, EDGE,gamesradar, 1up, gamespot , ripten , variety, GT and 1/2 other SONY haters

But ofcourse nothing prevents us from buying KZ2

IGN is bigger than all those gaming websites combined

CryofSilence3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

It may just be me, but Gamespot's mellowed out a bit. I could be wrong though. Who knows with 1Up and it's not really certain for Gametrailers. You're pretty much right on for all else.

Shane Kim3896d ago

I think GS have cooled down a bit as well, but from all the other sites you mentioned I expect 8's.