Garethvk55d ago

We can hope. Especially if the rumors of Cillian Murphy and Alaska are true.

RaidenBlack55d ago

That'd be too good if true.
But Henderson also leaked that next Far Cry setting was targeting some asian island.

jznrpg54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

With their shitty practices I really don’t care what Ubisoft announces until they reverse their course

Relientk7755d ago

Assassin's Creed Hexe is what I wanna hear about most. Yes I wanna play as a witch with magic during the 16 century witch trials in Germany (as per rumors). Sign me up

Huey_My_D_Long55d ago

Yeah, Hex sounds amazing to me as well, and I've been playing since AC 1. I'm real curious how are they gonna fit the magic into the game, maybe in similar way the dlc introduced gods and god abilities. but I love that I've heard its gonna have a horror vibe.

Garethvk55d ago

Hopefully it is full of good stuff.

Garethvk55d ago

I would love The Division 3.

RaidenBlack55d ago

The studio just completed Avatar and busy with Outlaws and also got their F2P Heartland cancelled ... IMO, Division 3 will surely come but it'll take more time.
I'd be most thrilled if Ubisoft greenlits a sequel or at least a remake of the studio's first game i.e World in Conflict

anast55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I would get hyped about Hexe. If the rumors are true, UBI might get a gold edition purchase out of me.

Demetrius55d ago

Hopefully gameplay of ac shadows or star wars outlaws, if they finally announce the new far cry I'm definitely getting that, far cry still fun af and gorgeous games, yeah ubisoft has their faults but atleast they're not copying souls like games their titles still have identity

neutralgamer199255d ago

We will definitely see gameplay for star wars and AC. Farcry let's see

OtterX55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I'm going to be an outlier amongst the rest of these comments.... give us something NEW! I'm pretty burnt out on Ubisoft franchises, unless you're giving us a new Rayman game!

*Edit - imagine what they could do with a Rayman 3D game in this day and age. I say now is the time to revisit the series.

RaidenBlack55d ago

Would love a AAA PoP too or a back to roots Ghost Recon (none of the open world stuff)

MeatyUrologist55d ago

Hell yes! Ghost recon in the style of the originals with real consequences, permanent and all!

jznrpg54d ago

I love Rayman, played it a ton with my kids years ago. But Ubisoft puts dumb crap in their games. MTs , paid tiers , always online requirement for single player games and as they stand now I could see them doing that to Rayman

OtterX54d ago

Yea unfortunately, you're right. :'(

Garethvk55d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2: It is coming really; we promise.

OtterX55d ago

Their microtransaction monetization scheme on it will lie somewhere between good and evil!

Haha JK.... it'll be completely evil. 🙃

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