Rumor: Sony Spain expect to sell more PS3 in one Day than Xbox 360 Did since Launch

Rumor has it that Sony Spain are boasting they expect to sell more units of the PS3 system in one day than Microsoft has managed with the Xbox 360 since its launch.

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fenderputty4447d ago

are accurate but, it seems as though the trend in Europe is rather "pro" PS3 in comaprison to the states. A lot of these types of articles have been implying the same "record sales".

joemutt4447d ago

But they never come true. Dont make me form a list, I will be here all day.

timmyp534447d ago

What else is there to say?...

Drew4447d ago

I hate to be a realist, but I doubt that 1 out of every 4 of the people residing there will be willing to line up to get a PS3 day one. Not only that, but really, with rumors of the pitiful launch allocation in Australia, do they really expect to just have 11 some odd million PS3's just sitting around?

(Well, maybe, seeing as no one else wants them. ZING!)

fenderputty4447d ago

It's funny how you debunk your own point by using that one little word.

giovonni4447d ago

Because I'm not from that region to even comment about how well the PS3 will do. I really could careless to tell you the truth

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The story is too old to be commented.