Americas Sales for the Week Ending January 3, 2009

With the enormous success of the video game industry in 2008 now fading away, the question is whether 2009 will be a step above or a step below 2008 sales and revenue volumes. So far, the results look promising. While sales from the previous week are down sharply with the holiday season now over, year over year sales show a continued rise in hardware sales despite a shortage in DS availability this week. As the holiday bundle games begin to drift downward in the chart it should also become clear who the true software winners from November and December 2008 were as the games with the best legs will continue to sell well for months due to the dearth of big releases in the quiet winter months ahead.

Wii - 269,900
DS - 79,361
Xbox 360 - 137,528
PSP - 82,129
PS3 - 77,460
PS2 - 49,907

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chaosatom5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

both console dropped a lot after december. I guess it's not that surprising all that much.

lord_of_balrogs5432d ago

Wow PS2 has 2/3s of PS3 sales. I can't believe that unit is still going strong in America. You would think that it would have more success in the latin America countries as they are not as developed and have less resources. But I would of thought that the PS2 would be dead in America by now.

Danja5432d ago

Everyone is talking about the PS3 sales....

WTF happened to the DS figures...?

or did they make a mistake with the 360 and DS figures..?

SL1M DADDY5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

They say there are major shortages in DS's and PS2's contributed to the lower than normal numbers.

Killzonegamer835432d ago

Tommorow is NPD day, which is lovely.. Another month of "PS3 is doomed" articles

Dannagar5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

I honestly stopped clicking on the negative stories. It's always the same tired arguments, many times with the same people. If you don't click on the story or reply to them, they don't become featured stories and they go away.

One more month of negative stories for PS3, than KillZone 2 will come out and the media will be talking about how Xbox 360 doesn't have an answer for it. The only way Sony could screw things up is if they fail to plug it or if they delay it.

DRE19705432d ago

No problem come FEB 27 I hope they do a NPD on how many 360 are trade in for PS3 system and a copy of killzone 2

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Raoh5432d ago

there will be a few spikes. mainly game release dates.

also tax refund time is coming.

GEESE5432d ago

I always end up paying the f()ckers.

Raoh5432d ago

i can usually count on around 3k with every tax filing. give or take a few hundred.

on a better note for me, recession be damned. i stop paying child support in may/june. thats an extra $600 a month back in my pocket.

(insert gif of me dancing here)

Elvfam5115432d ago

How is the Wii able to sale so fu@king much?

AWBrawler5432d ago

It has that same Nintendo magic as the NES and SNES did. Thus it will sell regardless of what time of year it is.

Raoh5432d ago

it's quite simple. while people argue over the ps3 and 360 which is better blah blah blah..

many adults with jobs, no kids, or grandkids are buying the wii. for themselves.

if you check the biggest selling titles for the wii its not the kids games. its the wii fit. a few party games. when you look at the wii commercials. sometimes you see kids. but its all adults.

a good example is my girlfriends brother had a small gathering. the kids (4yrs old) were playing wii sports. we adults (25yrs old to 35yrs old) started playing with the kids taking turns on wii sports. then the grandparents got in to it (59yrs old to 64).

by the end of the night, we had to reprimand the grandparents for not wanting to share and pass the wiimote on their turn in front of the kids. they left saying they are going to buy a wii. (meaning they told their kids (the 25-35yr olds) to buy it for them.

they dont care about killzone, halo, ffxiii, netflix, media servers, etc.. but they love those party games you can have fun with especially with a few drinks and friends.

adults are buying the wii not kids.

Raoh5432d ago

here is another one


Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Blanche Betten, a 76-year-old retired restaurant owner, hammered Bob Warner, 85, with a flurry of punches, sending the World War II and Korean War veteran sprawling to the ground.

“Again, again, again,” onlooker Rosa Villanueva, 61, shouted at the Perris Hill Senior Center as Warner tried to regain his footing.

The San Bernardino, California, seniors weren’t fighting in a real ring. They were boxing on Nintendo Co.’s Wii video-game console as part of a public-health class to encourage physical activity. They’re among a growing number of former non-gamers who have taken up the Wii and made it the dominant player in the $21 billion U.S. video-game industry.