Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sells 11 Million Copies

Since launching in October 2023, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has sold 11 million copies.

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just_looken13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This is bad for them as we know they were already in marvel hell with there schedule but now they are never getting out with these sales.

Some poor sob over there is like hey can we do infamous remaster collection? then gets yelled at thrown to a desk made to work on spiderman 3 or some shit for the the next 3 years.

This also gave sweet baby inc more support they helped with the sotry and she hulk aka marry jane so why not make the next spiderman game with gwen but her powers only work after she attends lgbqt rallies fear the power of queer right's bad guys.


Just had a thought make a new super hero with the power of rainbows that come out of the wrist jerk of men to supercharge the attack.

Abnor_Mal13d ago

Just making up bullsht off the top of yer head huh?

andy8513d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"These sales" like it's a tiny number? It's sold what Spiderman 1 did on the PS4 in the same timeframe and that was labelled a huge success and there was 100 million PS4s out there at that time...compared to 50m PS5. Selling the same amount is nothing short of amazing. What a strange post

just_looken13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Wow sound the trumpit defend them asap right?

I know 2023 was along time ago but there was a ransomware attack remember?

So yeah they are marvel game maker slaves

"these sales" means these sales there could have been a slight tiny glimmer of hope they might make something else instead of another spiderman game with the same combat same map same dei story but nope they are now defiantly going to make another one.

and yes sweetbabyinc helped with the story/characters

But i get it everyone loves the nerfed bitch version of parker sense very few played/watched anything before the Spectacular days were over.

P_Bomb13d ago

“…make a new super hero with the power of rainbows that come out of the wrist jerk of men to supercharge the attack.”

Wow! Anyways…

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )



What did I just read? This news is hitting you hard. I just wish I could watch your face as you typed your homophobic rant. Also, maybe an English class would be time well spent.

On Topic:
Congrats to Insomniac.

Hofstaderman13d ago

House of Mouse be looking at that upcoming Blade game with certain expectations.....

romulus2313d ago

If we look past the fact you're just making up a bunch of BS, we can see very clearly your comment is immature and reeks of insecurities. It's pure trolling and adds nothing to the conversation so just give it a rest.

VersusDMC13d ago

Why would insomniac want to do a infamous remaster collection if Sucker Punch are the original developers?

just_looken13d ago

A round of applause for everyone here

I give links i speak the truth but of course defend defend defend

I know they did not make infamous but all this team has done is the same dam ip except one great ratchet/clank game that we will never get a squeal or any dlc

But i get it you all want spiderman every year then a half ass marvel mobile game every 2nd year.

Again any real spiderman fan knows how muich they changed the charecter/lore/powers for the modern audiance if this was the real spiderman he would have radioactive blood like until the mid 2013's and kill marry jane.

Amn the next game from this "studio" is going to have so many dei / microtrancactions in it oof

Philaroni13d ago

Is that you Obsucre? Assuber?

outsider162413d ago

@just looken

Yeah i want another spiderman. So???

If rocksteady can make 3 Batman games. Sucker punch with 3 infamous,

Why can't Insomniac have 3 Spiderman games.

Thank God you're the minority.

mkis00713d ago

Acting like dev's aren't tied to a franchise for a while. Gears for Coalition, Halo for 343, Turn 10 has forza, playground has forza... Insomniac making 3 Spiderman games so far (with a ratchet in between fyi) doesn't even register as enough let alone too many. They are making the games they want to. It was not forced upon them.

Why would they want out of this success? Most devs would do anything for sales like this. Do you not have pride in the work you do?

MrDead13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"This also gave sweet baby inc more support they helped with the sotry and she hulk aka marry jane so why not make the next spiderman game with gwen but her powers only work after she attends lgbqt rallies fear the power of queer right's bad guys."

Crazy right-wing snowflakes like Tim Pool have broken you with outrage media and "fear of the other". Tater Tots need to go outside and live in the real world, don't be scared... unless you're just projecting and this is some sort of Steven Crowder or Nick Fuentes situation, it's ok to be confused about you're attraction to the same sex, just go with it and you'll find you will be a happier person.

BlackOni13d ago

This is the most incel fake outrage sad shit I've seen all morning.

Congrats to making yourself look like an absolute tool while inexcusably and unnecessarily attacking the LGBTQ community.

On topic, congrats to Insomniac. Amazing game, amazing experience, and makes me hopeful for the new Wolverine Game. Would love to also see a Storm or Captain Marvel game.

Michiel198912d ago

why the hell would insomniac work on an infamous remaster collection? They are one of the most talented studios in the world and you want them to do remasters?

Nacho_Z12d ago

I've noticed talking complete nonsense is normal for you but you've outdone yourself here.

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InUrFoxHole12d ago

3 spider man games. Did they redo those too?

rlow113d ago

With a game called Spider-Man and made by Insomniac………..is anyone really surprised??? Congrats to them on their continued excellence in game crafting.

1Victor13d ago

Congrats to insomniac on another hit showing proof that it was a right move to be acquired by Sony unlike others developers getting closed or afraid of going on the chopping block.

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gleepot13d ago

My dude, insomniac was already hit with layoffs.

1Victor13d ago

@gleepot: “ My dude, insomniac was already hit with layoffs”
My dude thanks for letting me know that insomniac is on the chopping block or got closed I missed that news about it 🤷🏿

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Knightofelemia13d ago

I wonder how Wolverine will do once released?

Hofstaderman13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Ummmm....maybe even better? We guaranteed a decent Wolverine game and with the success of Xmen 94 the franchise has now entrenched itself with a younger audience. My kids stopped watching 94 and went back to the OG series and they love it.

DarXyde13d ago

Not as well as Spider-Man, I would think. I think it still does great, but based on the footage we weren't supposed to see yet, Spider-Man seems more accessible (not to disregard he's also just more popular than Logan).

But who knows? If the game drops in close enough proximity to Deadpool and Wolverine and/or a new season of X-Men '97, we could be surprised.

Cacabunga13d ago

Wolverine will be a much more mature game.. also popularity wise spiderman is bigger.
On the other hand it might attract players who do not like spiderman kind of super heroes.

I enjoyed xmen origins Wolverine on PS3 very much it had great gameplay!

MagUk13d ago

To be honest I brought the original spider man. While the game play mechanics were excellent and very enjoyable I was put off by how childish the story felt, I probably only played it for a couple of hours at most before it got way too cringy for me.

ChasterMies12d ago

Spider-man makes more money from licensing than any other comic book character. So don’t expect Wolverine to sell as well.