State of Play returns this Thursday

State of Play is back! Tune in live for updates on PS5 and PS VR2 titles, plus a look at PlayStation Studios games arriving later this year.

The 30+ minute show features 14 titles, and begins May 30 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET | May 31 12am CEST / 7am JST on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. See you then!

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plus a look at PlayStation Studios games arriving later this year.

hope its first party so far the exclusives this year from have been good stellar blade rise of the ronin which i have beat them and recommend.

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romulus2316d ago

If they are PlayStation Studio games that would make them first party.

Cacabunga16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

They said there will be no major release this year unfortunately.
Hopefully some teasers in the end of the show. We need 1st party exclusives. Also to pave the way for the PS 5 pro but with 30min I do not expect much.

rob-GP16d ago

@Cacabunga - they never said that. They said there's no sequels to established franchises this year, but that leaves indies, smaller first-party, new IPs, etc...

Lightning7716d ago

It seems to be Astro Bot, Concord will release times year. Media Molecules new IP could release this year also. Fair Games I think will be early 2025.

Ghost 2 teaser and Bend New game teaser. If they're gonna show anything triple related I think it'll be these 2 games. Something in engine with 2025 release dates.

Cacabunga16d ago (Edited 16d ago )


I was also speaking about major releases.. i never said there won’t be any 1st party release this year. I said no major release before Q2 25

Here’s the link i found

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Sonic188116d ago (Edited 16d ago )

You should keep your expectations low just for a 30 minute State of Play

outsider162416d ago

30mins? Then expectations are very very very low..😔

StormSnooper16d ago

True. But a lot can be shown in 30 minutes as well.

JEECE16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Well it does say 30+ minutes. So it could be closer to an hour, but I'm sure they don't want to call it an hour long show and then have it only be 53.7 minutes, because then the Internet would be aflame with "teh Sony liez, this just like PSN requirement" comments.

Really either way it just depends on the amount of fluff. I'd much rather have a tight show that focuses an appropriate amount of time on big new games than a 90-minute show where fifteen minutes is dedicated to showing gameplay of the new Foamstars DLC and another ten minutes is dedicated to Fortnite skins.

Abear2116d ago

Just trailers and a teases for games far far away

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1Victor16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

I want to see what was so scary that the competition had to announce a CoD game day one on their services 2 days before what they knew was going to be this show.
Now back on track I can’t wait to see what’s new on VR2 and get my hopes for Warhawk or Starhawk HD dream crushed again😩😭

Edit: I’ll be happy if they show gameplay of at least 10 of this 14 games that would be 20 minutes of gameplay and 20 for showing games in later development.

16d ago
1Victor16d ago

Sorry it should had said 10 for showing games in development not 20 damn thumb.

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Hotpot16d ago

I would keep my expectations in check since this is a sudden announcement and just over 30+ minutes long. Maybe one teaser for their next big game, but the truly big guns would be saved for their inevitable showcase.

Retroman16d ago

I'm sure they will announced Insomniac Wolverine

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Eonjay16d ago

This is probably the main title for the show. Being as though this show is for PS Studio titles coming out this year. And we know of two. This and possibly Astrobot. I really appreciate them taking this approach where they wait to show something before its about to launch. I am just sick of waiting years for a game to come out after it is shown.

Plague-Doctor2716d ago

Concord (with beta announced at SGF)
Until Dawn Remake
Astro Bot
Lego Horizon
Helldivers 2 Illuminate shadow dropped

16d ago
RaidenBlack15d ago

Likely this is the list ... but I doubt lego Horizon and Astro Bot are scheduled for this year, but who knows?
Concord likely to be the flagship title of the event, complete with gameplay and the show might end with one tease of a future unannounced title, like GoT 2.
I'll also include other games to the list like Little Devil Inside & Lost Soul Aside.

Terry_B16d ago

Looking forward to see some interesting new games..no matter if exclusive or for PC.

Personally I would love to see a new Ridge Racer..or a new Kart racer with Playstation characters..but I expect more updates of games we have seen already instead. Lets see if the God of War Trilogy Remake Rumor was true.

ravens5216d ago

State of Play 🙄 Damn. It's better than nothing but I would've preferred a showcase. State of Plays should be done more often if that's the format going forward Cause when would there be a showcase now? Can't wait till 2moro though.

Storm2316d ago

Excited to see what is in store for this show. Showcase is rumored for September. That makes sense because the PS5 Pro will be coming out at the end of the year (probably November?) and they don't want to announce it too early, so unveiling it at the showcase would set it up for launch. That's my guess...

ravens5216d ago

Fair enough, makes sense.