Summer Game Fest 2024 and games conference schedule: All conference dates, times and streams

A schedule for all of the currently announced game conferences in June 2024, including the Summer Game Fest 2024 date and times.

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Lightning7717d ago

For the first time in a long time I have a hard time feeling excited for these events. Maybe it's because of all these massive lay offs and closures there hasn't exactly been good news since the start of the year.

Maybe come next week I'll get a little more excited but I dunno I just can't get too excited right now

thorstein17d ago

Maybe it will be an indie showcase.

Cacabunga17d ago

Cancelling e3 and introducing some ridiculous events..
Times have changed.. to the worse

Lightning7717d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Back then it was very exciting, great looking trailers, on stage live gameplay where yes things can and have went wrong but that's how we knew it was a real games being played instead of curated footage extra doctored up that didn't even represent the actual game half the time. Games would release 6 months to a year max not 3 years later.

I miss past E3's even the goofiness like Giant enemy crab or Riiiidge Raceeer. Xbox and Kinect glitching Nintendo's craziness. Again it was real, these days there so protective, clean, doctored sets, where nothing can absolutely go wrong. Too strict and professional with heavy PR babble with buzzwords that mean nothing. Being professional is not bad but when it's fake and corporate heavy where you're made to buy into the words rather than the game, that's how you know it's not real.

Now SFG is just sizzle reeling all the games at once. Plus past SGF events haven't been that great either. Maybe that's not Geoffs fault but the pubs and devs are simply never ready to show anything and have to wait. This gen we've been waiting and waiting for these games.

Plus lay offs as I Mentioned. I dunno Geoff needs to do what made E3 great back then, get funding support and do live stage gameplay he has the support and so why not? Pubs and devs need to do their own thing at the event again. No more doctored bull crap with PR diarrhea trying to sell the game show us with a controller in your hand instead of making empty promises.

Rant over.

Cacabunga17d ago (Edited 17d ago )


I will never forget the pre-e3 one year where Kojima was teasing MGS Rising.. and Peace Walker.

Such an incredible period where studios enjoyed what they were doing and teasing their work weeks before the event.

Nowadays is half baked games, cross gen titles, useless mid gen upgrades. There is no hype anymore.
Last great show I remember is the PS EXPERIENCE maybe 3 or 4 years ago in December

gleepot17d ago

Maybe it's because Keighley sucks and never puts on good showcases.

Lightning7717d ago

They aren't geoffs games he's not makin it. Though you're half right, he has the stage and events and controls the pace, how the games are shown and presented. If I was him I would have devs have real gameplay with a stage like how E3 used to be.

No more of this curated pre done footage that we've had in the past 4 years.

Actually before that they've been doing that format for awhile. Cyber Punk being the biggest culprit of that format because you can easily deceive and lie to ppl.

Yeah Geoff is half to blame

isarai17d ago

Is it just me or is there little to no buzz or marketing leading up to this compared to previous SGF?

monkey60217d ago

Because they've been consistently boring for the last couple of years. Hard to get worked up for it now

bRuud8317d ago

Where is Sony? Still no news about the next Playstation showcase.

17d ago
Lightning7717d ago

Hopefully early next week at this point they are signed to SGF so they'll be there.

I also said in another post it's rumored to be a State Of Play now. The only AAA's I can see being announced now is Ghost 2 and Bends New game.

I can't see Santa Monica's New IP or ND New IP being announced. I can see GG being there announcing leggo Horizon, Zero Dawn remake or remaster, maybe the LS horizon game.

Skuletor17d ago

After the way they rudely hurried people off the stage at The Game Awards, I won't bother watching any of the streams for this. I'll just checkout out a few game trailers on Youtube after they're uploaded there.


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ApocalypseShadow18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

Those flowers coming from me would be dead. EA will never, ever again get accolades from me with how they have ran their business, killed developers, killed franchises, monopolized IP and licenses.

Nothing but dead flowers.

Goodguy011m ago

Was an interesting idea at first but...ruined by EA...


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