Arrowhead CEO asks for peace from the Helldivers 2 community

The new Arrowhead CEO reached out to the Helldivers 2 Reddit page to share his thoughts and tell the community to be peaceful when making suggestions to the developer.

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INMATEofARKHAM16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

No one deserves to deal with hate for doing their job... so fuck those people for being hateful. At the same time I think AH, or any developer tbh, owes it to thier playerbase that has done nothing wrong but played and supporyed the game given to them to implement any good idea they get no matter how it was delivered.

Tacoboto16d ago

So they don't deserve to deal with it, but you agree they should deal with it anyway, as long as the idea is good?

No. F that. How can you discourage inappropriate behavior and then, in the very same thought, find a way to excuse it?

MWeaver58916d ago

On a basic level I don't agree with listening to insanity because it encourages it. There shouldn't be a point where you're like "well, on one hand this person threatened to kill the developers family, but on the other hand transmog would be pretty sweet."

Beyond that, what constitutes a good idea? A lot of these games don't implement bad practices because they didn't have INMATEofARKHAM to inform them that grinding for 10 million hours isn't appealing. They almost certainly know what sucks, what people would like to see, and all of that. They just don't do it because it negatively impacts things. Case in point, Bungie killed the grind with Destiny 2 vanilla and I've never once seen someone say they miss that time. They might make suggestions that brings us back to it, but no one is like "you know what would be sweet? Static rolls and guaranteed drops."

Juancho5116d ago

They need to just give temporary bans to people who can’t be adults and RAGE type on their keyboard after a bad operation. These Devs gave us a great game, and the children that complain about little things constantly are making their job difficult. If you dont like how they run the game, then leave. Let them follow their visions and give them feedback and constructive criticism without the vitriol and the hate. Bunch of fkn muppets.


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excaliburps1m ago

Very. Kudos to the dev who thought of this. Honestly surprised people went for it. LOL!

jznrpg8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

It was one or the other. Didn’t have time to liberate both planets. It nice they donated to kids.


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