Will Black Ops 6's PS4 and Xbox One Versions Repeat BO3's Disastrous Launch?

Black Ops 6 is rumored to release on PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which will be a huge set back for the upcoming Call of Duty title.

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gold_drake45d ago

i dont quite understand why we cant move on from last gen.

lodossrage45d ago

You know, I put COD out of my mind so much I didn't even know Black Ops 5 came and gone

Goodguy0145d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yea it's odd but bo3, 4, and cold war felt like games that kinda just came and went quick. 4 and cold war were horrid games and the downall of treyarch to me.

Tankbusta4045d ago

As Final Fantasy 7 rebirth found out...the install base just isn't there for current gen

purple10145d ago

I can tell you. As per Tim Henderson (the notorious leaker of game news).

48% of PlayStation+ customers, play on ps4, ( they have not upgraded yet) thus, leaving them behind, would loose them too much money, that’s literally the reason

Cockney45d ago

So no actual game sales to the 20 odd million series owners and no sales to the 50 million odd xbone owners.
I haven't played a cod since the original mw2 so its neither here nor there for me I just find it funny Microsoft are relying on ps sales to balance the books.
Playstation owners you all know what to do, resign cod to the bargain bin and enjoy gaming again

purple10145d ago


yes apparently thats true, according to Tim Henderson, (one of the biggest leakers) he's obvs got friends who are developers or similar.

darthv7245d ago

the companies want to... its the players that have yet to fully adopt the new hardware. Games released over the last few years to try and incentivize people to upgrade just have not had that kind of impact. Even big hits like Spider-man 2 have not moved the needle like Sony was hoping for. Some see it as the jump between 8th and 9th gen is not as significant as it was between 7-8 or even 6-7.

You have close to 120m people invested in the PS4 and are happy with the fact that games are still coming out for it. Only half have moved on and still see games coming out that are not fully taking advantage of the new hardware, so people are apprehensive. 120m is a lot of people these companies dont want to alienate.

Mad_Matt45d ago

Kind of silly logic when you think about it. Look at the PS4 sales. The reality is not every console will sell more then the previous. Like the PS2 vs PS3 for example. Its just the cold hard truth. Not everyone can afford to experience every generation cycle, especially in poorer countries. Sony will have to learn that fact and just finally move on. I currently only game on PC, but I want Xbox and PS both to thrive and create better games. In the end, we all benefit when these companies push the boundaries of tech. Something which neither are doing or even seem like they are interested in doing now, unlike last gen.

Cockney45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Only half of ps4 users have upgraded to ps5, wow how can that be? Oh wait its only halfway through the generation, who would have guessed?
How are those ps4 console sales coming along?

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VersusDMC45d ago

They committed to making a Switch 2 version for 10 years so might as well make last gen versions as well.



Game Pass price hike means you’re buying Call of Duty whether you'll play or not

OPINION: Call of Duty coming to Game Pass. Game Pass now costs more money. Even if subscribers don't want to play it, they'll still be paying for it.

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Eonjay17h ago

The price for Ultimate is going up $36 a year and the price for Console is going up $48 so they will actually be making everyone pay for it regardless of whether it is included in your tier or not.

Julion071516h ago

Yea just cod not the other games coming to the service? Gotcha lol

Eonjay15h ago

Yes, just a few months ago Phil explicitly stated that prices wouldn't go up. The only notable thing that changed was COD being added. But... everyone already know the price would have to go up if it was added to make up for all of the sales they would be losing out on otherwise. Furthermore if you take a look at Activisions financial report before the acquisition you will find that the actual expenses to produce COD yearly are sky high. It wouldn't make sense to add cod without raising prices because otherwise it would eat up all of their GP revenue. It would be pointless.

GamerRN10h ago

Has anyone from Xbox actually CONFIRMED a price increase or are we still riding the rumor?

S2Killinit9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

But you aren’t getting all that many day ones anyway. So if you pay for 2 months before each day one… you are paying more… and that is assuming a day one game is released every two months which we know is not the case.

Someone already responded to you in the other article where you asked the same thing. Its posted on their website it looks like.

purple10116h ago

I never knew they raising the console price too, who do they think they are, sony?? hehe

but in all seriousness, they just signed their own death warrant, unless people want to play cod on their series s, in ultra blurry mode.

Reaper22_11h ago

Dont say stupid stuff. That's not true.

XiNatsuDragnel14h ago

Yeah this sucks I hope COD on Xbox are bad bro, got to make consequences for these companies

Reaper22_6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

That's pretty extreme. There is an old saying that extreme hopes comes from extreme misery.

Amplitude5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Its not that extreme. It likely will not be very good.
Cold Ward, Vanguard and Modern Warfare 3 were all just terrible. I somehow just keep buying them in hopes that I'll get that solid oldschool campaign and multiplayer only to be let down every time. I just want a game without Cheech and Chong unicorn limited time microtransactions

CrimsonWing6912h ago

How much is the price hike from the current Gamepass price?

VersusDMC12h ago

17 to 20 for ultimate
10 to 12 for PC
60 to 75 for Core annual

Gamepass console went from 11 to 15 but it includes online multiplayer now but not day one games.

So now you have to pay for online if you want Gamepass and not get day one games. Making you get ultimate.

And there was a hike last year as well.
Ultimate went from 15 to 17.

Einhander197212h ago

You also have to buy Ultimate to get EA Play now too.

porkChop8h ago


EA Play was always exclusive to Ultimate. That isn't new.

Eonjay5h ago


That's not true. EA Play actually came to Xbox before GamePass did.

porkChop2h ago

I'm talking about EA Play being included in Game Pass. That benefit has always been exclusive to Ultimate, not the service as a whole.

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MrNinosan12h ago

For me it's 9$ a month (not that I'm falling for it, so goes from 11$ to 0$).

I was a subscriber on GamePass Console 10.99$, mainly for the day 1 games, not coming to Playstation.
I never play online, so didn't need GPU.
Now I need GPU at 19.99$ to play games on my Series X day 1, but then I rather just buy the 1-2 interesting games that release in a year on Xbox.