MultiVersus Relaunches and Now Features Four Different Kinds of In-Game Currency

MultiVersus launches again today and features four separate kinds of in-game currency, each used to unlock different content.

Relientk7721d ago

Modern gaming

What is this Destiny?

Inverno20d ago

I sure hope they include paid dlc on top of all the mtx currency types. Maybe if we're really lucky the game will shut down a year from now and i can feel extremely blessed to have enjoyed blowing money on cosmetics! I'm tingly just thinking about it!
I'll be trying it out again but they won't see a dime from me lol

JEECE20d ago

Well games that don't have heinous grinding and progression systems get dropped by their player base because "there's no reason to play." So I guess they are just giving people what they asked for.

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MultiVersus Developer Claims The Option To Purchase Extra Lives Using Real Money Was A Bug

MultiVersus developer Player First Games has claimed that the option to purchase extra lives in the game using real money was actually a bug.

Valkyrye13d ago

The please give us money bug?

RpgSama12d ago

How in the hell does something that CLEARLY needs to be programmed as an option make itself out to be a bug, there is no way in hell buying lives just happened out of thin air as a "bug".

What a bunch of crap, at the very least say it was something that at some point got its way into the game to then be removed but still in the code.

CrimsonWing6912d ago

My ass it was. PR at its finest, well… y’know just PR.

The_Hooligan12d ago

That is a very specific feature/mtx to be a game bug.


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