Days of Play celebration kicks off on May 29

Celebrate with player activities, bonus Game Catalog, PS VR2 and PS2 titles through PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, compelling offers, and more.

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-Ghost20d ago

Monthy games for June (Starting June 4th)
- Streets of Rage 4
- Spongebob Cosmic Shake
- AEW Fight Forever

PS VR2 games (Available on June 6 for Premium members)
- Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord
- Walkabout Mini Golf
- Synth Riders
- Before Your Eyes
- The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapters 1 & 2

PS2 games (Available in Classics Catalog on June 11 for Premium members)
- Tomb Raider Legend
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars
- Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

PS4 and PS5 games (Available in Game Catalog on the specified dates for Extra and Premium members)
- Dredge | PS4, PS5 (available May 29)
- Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 | PS4 (available May 31)
- Cricket 24 | PS4, PS5 (available June 5)
- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition | PS4, PS5 (available June 7)

ravens5220d ago

VR for only premium is BullShit.


it make sense that's where Sony makes must of there money from PlayStation plus service.

ChasterMies20d ago

I’d be cool with the PSVR2 games on Premium except I have a couple years of PS+ Extra and I can’t just upgrade to Premium for 1 month to play Ghostbusters.

20d ago
Eonjay20d ago

Oh I am going to OD on the PSVR2 titles.

20d ago

not yet who knows if and when its going to happen.

Cacabunga20d ago

The worst PlayStation community management ever!

1Victor20d ago

More than likely on Monday alongside the days of play

Lightning7720d ago (Edited 20d ago )

The latest rumor it's gonna be a State Of Play instead of a showcase according to Nate The Hate who's pretty credible.

Seems Sony is taking allot longer than usual when it comes to announcing something.

As I said before Jeff Grubb is not good anymore when it comes to leaks. He was wrong.

20d ago
darthv7220d ago

Well damn... I was also hoping for 2024 DoP themed controller / side panels.

VersusDMC20d ago

My plus subscription ends june 2nd then i can get that 30% new subscriber discount.

This is the best time to subscribe for a year as there's always a discount every yearly days of play.


just got a question my ps+ ends on 11 june if i "cancel subscription" will i be able to get 30% when i rejoin on the same day?

P_Bomb19d ago

That I don’t know. Could be some fine print about being unsubbed for a certain amount of time before renewing.

I’m just 😫 that they STILL don’t have a deal for current members to stack. Only upgrades. I don’t need to upgrade.


ah true
i am on extra and i dont need a upgrade to premium when i have a ps2 and ps3

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LG_Fox_Brazil1h ago

So good to see a platformer get some love, it brings that 90's feel that I sometimes miss