Star Citizen crowdfunding passes $700 million

Cloud Imperium Games' sci-fi space sim and RPG Star Citizen has passed another major crowdfunding milestone: $700 million. The latest $100 million has been raised in less than a year as well.

LG_Fox_Brazil18d ago

3 more years and we'll probably see it reach the billion mark. Question is, will it be fully released by then?

JunonZanon18d ago

That kinda defeats its point, I think.

PrinceOfAnger18d ago

I am curious to see what will they show this year on october.. a new gameplay trailer or maybe a release date?

blacktiger15d ago

Elite, this game once complete will hook lot of people with VR and so on. I truly believe this game will get ppl hook and never leave their room

Tankbusta4018d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I get initially backing this....but who is still giving these guys money?

badz14917d ago

I think it's safe to assume that this project is a money laundering pit

blacktiger17d ago

the elite, tthis game is the future for VR and it will full set. ELITE
No one gives money like that,

got_dam17d ago

I can't believe this is still going on. Just don't even know what to say.

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Star Citizen free fly event is live, giving everyone access to its ships and vehicles

Star Citizen is hosting a massive free-fly event, offering everyone access to its sci-fi universe as well as almost all its ships and vehicles. The free-to-play promotion lasts for 12 days.

peppeaccardo26d ago

Wait !! What ? No news of STAR Citizen surpassing the Billion dollars funding? This feels like the same as the Malboro guys offering free smokes at a kindergarten garden. I pass and wake me up when this is actually released and has a price for purchase, if reviews scores are 10 or above I might buy... I might.

ANIALATOR13618d ago

Imagine what you could do with 700 million


Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 released with support for the Vulkan API, as well as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

Cloud Imperium has released the Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Update which adds support for the Vulkan API, as well as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR.

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Markdn29d ago

Wow awesome amazing, gonna go try it right now. I bet the improvements are amazing..... /s


Star Citizen showcases the creation of the two brand-new animals coming to alpha 3.23

Land on any planet in Star Citizen currently and you’ll be greeted by things like weather patterns, flora, and very possibly a derelict or two. What you won’t find are any animals, however. That’s going to change with alpha 3.23’s release, as CIG has finally put together two animals to populate certain planets. That’s not quite three, but it’s more than one!

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savedsynner34d ago

People will have had entire careers by the time this game reaches Gold status.

SimpleSlave34d ago

Two brand-new animals? Fantastic. This game should be ready by the time the Vault Dwellers come out from their Vaults Two Hundred years after the Apocalypse.

Any minute now...