Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Review: A Technical Masterpiece Weighed Down by Mediocrity | CBR

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II continues Senua’s struggles against her own reality, but undermines its nuances for an Xbox epic that’s lesser in design.

Jin_Sakai23d ago

Hellblade 2 looks incredible but the gameplay is a linear slog from the looks of it.

gold_drake22d ago

yea, you are essentially walking around in a straight sort of line or corridior for the most part and just ... look at stuff.

Sonyslave323d ago

It funny seeing some of these sites that praise the 1st one but not the sequel.🤔

piroh23d ago

Both games have the exact same metascore 81

MrBaskerville22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Maybe because it's different?
Personally I liked the puzzles and combat more in the first one and the story was better.

Bathyj22d ago

From what I've seen this game is worse in every way except graphics

Chevalier22d ago

Yeah agreed! Funny seeing idiot Xbox fans who called the 1st game a walking simulator trying to sell this on graphics alone. Then now 'cinematic' games are cool? Talk about flopping like a politician

22d ago
22d ago
Chevalier22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

"You call people idiotic because you’re actually autistic."

Ouch your IQ is pretty damn low if you think Autism is anything like what you're saying. Lol. Nice spam account. Can't refute anything so just need to make a new account in desperation.

22d ago
Chevalier22d ago

"Only a low IQ person would have a comment history that only calls others idiots.

Only one idiot on N4G - you.

P.S. I reported all your comments. Calling people idiots is against the rules"


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andy8522d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I'm confused how it's locked 30 on Series X tbh. Admittedly my laptop is a touch more powerful than a Series X but I'm getting 90-100 fps with low settings. Which is still absolutely stunning btw, even at low settings its the best looking game I've played (i play on high though, which I'm getting 60 with DLSS quality mode). I guess it's a CPU thing but surely it was possible

Skuletor22d ago

I noticed the same thing with Gotham Knights, when I was getting over a hundred fps and wondering how the consoles were stuck at 30.

Elda22d ago

The game is mostly walking around while hearing voices, then puzzles then battle sequences then a talking sequence then repeat.

Doomeduk22d ago

I have some stick drift on my controller,I started the game and an Amazon parcel came after a short but enjoyable chat with the driver I returned to see the end credits rolling

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purple1015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

they learnt series S can only manage 900p!! 😳

, - sorry I had to

this post on twitter, shows even worse.


dRanzer5d ago

They can learn not to do boring games 🫢

jznrpg5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

If you go for a graphic type game you better have a great story like Heavy Rain or have some good gameplay. Can’t make a game with amazing graphics but nothing to make you want to continue playing it.

PrinceOfAnger5d ago

What good gameplay in Death stranding , Detroit , heavy rain, until dawn ? you call press X to continue " cutscenes" fun games? I am sorry these are movie games or "tech-demos" too!

But i know some like this type of games.
Maybe Hellblade is not for you?


Elda5d ago

Every game you mentioned with the exception of Until Dawn I played to the very end & enjoyed them. I can't say that about Hellblade 2. I only played 2 hours which I forced myself to & I haven't gone back to it since & that was 2 weeks ago.

MrNinosan5d ago

You obviously didn't play Death Stranding.
And even Detroit, Heavy Rain, Beyond two Souls and Until Dawn is far more gameplay than Hellblade.