Sonic Rumble first impressions: A little too much Fall Guys, not enough Sonic

Sonic Rumble, at its core, is a fun game that doesn’t take much longer than five minutes to play an entire match, provided you get to the final round. There are definitely areas for improvement, particularly in the speed of the game, but for a first showing, it’s a fun time. There’s a lot of room for fun callbacks in the level design and skin choices, and hopefully, more unique challenges will make their way in as updates come out. For being a spin-off mobile title, it's about as good as could be expected.

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Rynxie18d ago

Remaster sonic shuffle. I had tons of fun with that game back during the DC days.

Number1TailzFan18d ago

May as well just do a Mario Party crossover, I mean they did have the Olympics games

Profchaos18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I don't get Sega there's years when they clearly get it like sonic mania but there's years where they just slap the branding on a random game and call it a day.


SEGA has just unveiled the all new "Sonic the Hedgehog" mobile game: "Sonic Rumble"

"SEGA are today very proud and happy to reveal "Sonic Rumble", the newest addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, releasing this winter. The upcoming Sonic mobile game invites players to enter a twisted toy world created by the notorious Dr. Eggman." - SEGA.

NotoriousWhiz33d ago

Looks like a fun cross play game for consoles.

Chocoburger33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Mobile only? I hope not, but its Sega so you know that they're clueless.

(*looks over at ChuChu Rocket 2 and Sonic Dream Team being iOS subscription only games *)

CrimsonWing6933d ago

You lost me at mobile. I don’t care how “good” a mobile game is they are designed to be time sinks and force you to purchase microtransactions that give you better chances at rare loot/outfits and actually making daily progress. I have Ever Crisis a chance and it lost me hard once you hit the wall. They’re disgusting in that design approach. Too bad, because if it were just a regular game on mobile I might check it out, but I know it’ll be be f*cked by the mobile design money leeching model.

Good-Smurf33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I swear they made more Sonic mobile games than proper home consoles ones nowadays.
If all we're getting this year on consoles is some remastered Sonic Generations with Shadow DLC then that's not a good sign at all.
It shouldn't take Sonic Team 5 years to make a sequel and there was a time they released new games on consoles almost yearly.
I have a feeling they would have to do more spin off games as no one's going to wait that long for a sequel of Sonic game and when do they released them spin offs on mobile, so clueless....
What's stopping them from releasing these small mobile games on consoles for $20?