This is how well the new Helldivers 2 Emancipator Mech works against Terminids

The new Emancipator Exosuit Mech has been added to Helldivers 2, but many players aren't impressed with how it performs.

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Juancho5121d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Very loud minority is complaining. I see people using one in every round i play and they kick ass, have to remember there are tons of kids that play this game, and they complain about every single little tiny bad thing even if there are 10 pros and 1 con. Also, this is definitely not accurate. I’ve literally seen these mechs destroy chargers and titans, in the gate defense missions with this mech it literally makes it infinitely easier to hold the gates.

What a crock of shit, whoever wrote this just sucks at the game, they’re embellishing everything for some reason. Maybe they have a chip on their shoulder against the developers. Stop playing the game if all it does is make you angry, those of use that love the game will continue to appreciate their constant updates and toys to play with.

Matter of fact this post just made me want to play around, see you on the battlefield.

DivineHand12521d ago

Are the number of shots required to kill the enemies outlined in the article incorrect?

I haven't tested it myself but this is a snippet from the article.

"Kills Bile Titans to the head in around 40-45 shots (Way more than the autocannon sentry for some stupid reason)
Kills Chargers to the head in 10 shots
Kills Chargers to the leg in 8 shots
Kills Bile Spewers in 4 shots
Kills Brood Commanders in 2-4 shots to the head"

Some support weapons can one-shot those enemies and I believe the argument is that the mech should be more powerful than it appears.

I personally think it is about using the right weapon for each faction. This new mech is more effective against the automatons while the first mech is stronger against the terminids.

jznrpg21d ago

The new mech is really good against bugs

DustMan20d ago

Your basically a 100 round armored dual auto cannon. I wasn't expecting this thing to tear apart everything in the game. Regular auto cannon rounds just bounce off a chargers head, everybody should know to aim for the squishy part.

jznrpg20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

It may take more shots to kill bigger bugs but you don’t need to reload at all with 100 rounds and you can shoot as fast you want plus you have a lot of extra armor. It wasn’t meant to be a kill everything one shot death machine you still need to use some skill and other stratagems


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