PlayStation 5 Pro Doesn't Justify The Need For Its Existence

Four years into this generation with no feeling of seeing its potential, Sony is rumored to launch the PlayStation 5 Pro.

purple10126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

This article is a bout a week premature, lets see the showcase / state of play, then talk

MaximusPrime_26d ago

It's a known exputer habit... Most of their opinion pieces are pointless.

TheProfessional25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Of course their opinions are pointless since they're criticizing PS.

S2Killinit25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

What is useless is this premature opinion article.

itsmebryan25d ago


Which 1st party AAA games are they missing? What game is set to release on the the next 3 months, 6 months, etc...
What will be the gap between the last 1st party game and the next?

I'll wait for your or anyone else's

DarXyde24d ago

I tend to agree that it's pointless, at least for now.

Maybe that changes with GTAVI, but I'm not buying a new PlayStation just for that.

Babadook724d ago (Edited 24d ago )


"Which 1st party AAA games are they missing?"

Demons Souls. One of the best exclusives this gen.

Also Gran Truismo 7

Also because there are more exclusives than just 1st party they also don't have FF7R2 nor Stellar Blade and who knows how much longer those was would be.

"What game is set to release on the the next 3 months, 6 months, etc..."

There will be some announced tomorrow. Astrobot?

"What will be the gap between the last 1st party game and the next?"

We don't know. It's about more than 1st party though.

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Cacabunga25d ago

Why a week premature?
I have seen nothing official

Babadook725d ago (Edited 25d ago )

If you discount rumour you’d also have to discount everything we “know” about a ps5 pro. The argument falls on its face.

He’s referring to the heavily rumoured May end showcase.

Whether it’s in a week or a bit over that, clearly it’s not going to be long before a Sony presser.

Babadook725d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Yeah. It's just meant to be antagonistic so being a week early is baked into the agenda.

z2g25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Just get a pc at this point if you’re going to keep upgrading. All the good games are getting released on pc anyway. Both consoles are becoming kind of pointless, and pcs act more like consoles now more than ever with epic, gamepass, steam etc… then you have all the power and games you want. And more power than a console.

If I bought this I’d assumedly at that point be into the ps5 ecosystem ~ $1800 assuming it came in aroun $5-600 and I’m limited to only Sony vr and would still have less power. Or I could just spend $2k on a better pc, not have to fuss with upgrading for twice as long, play Xbox, PlayStation and pc only games with better settings, more options and less limitations - including other peripherals. Consoles in general are starting to feel kinda pointless with this model.

Babadook724d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Nah stick with console. Better spec per price ratio (especially when you look at that cursed shader compilation stutter on PC games). Who wants endless tinkering to be apart of their gaming? You get the Sony games much sooner. Better VR experience.

TheEroica24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

The length of which a fanboys will go to defend their favorite plastic box maker is on full display in this thread.... The stock ps5 still hasn't even warrented the need for a purchase and we're being told to wait for their state of play like some magical thing will happen to make a pro worth it. Lol. It's pure delusion...

Babadook724d ago

The xbox (PC) cry babies are what's on display here.

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Hugodastrevas26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'm inclined to agree.

toxic-inferno25d ago

On a personal level, me too. If other people want it, then Sony may as well go ahead and make it, but I personally won't be looking to upgrade.

I don't believe the standard PS5 is anywhere near being fully utilised yet. Still one of the best looking games on the console is Demon's Souls - one of its launch titles. But if releasing a pro version means that developers will start to push the standard PS5 to its limits, I'm all for it (even though I wouldn't buy a Pro).

Eonjay25d ago

You could say the same about the PS4 when the first Pro launched. It really took another 4 years to get the PS4 'fully optimized' and even then its wasn't capable of resolutions the Pro offered. You shouldn't expect to see the PS5 (which is much more powerful than a PS4) fully optimized until the end of the cycle. You purchase the PRO for things that you know the regular one can't do. In this case it will be higher resolutions and better raytracing. This is a good enough reason as upgrading to any GPU.

toxic-inferno25d ago

Eonjay - and I would! I Aldo didn't buy the PS4 Pro, but enjoyed the benefit of it pushing the original PS4 system to its limits.

MajorLazer25d ago

Me too. So many games have been cross-gen and I don't think a single game has made the PS5 sweat even a little. I will wait to see how the games take advantage of the better hardware, otherwise I'll just pass on it, like the PS4 Pro.

peppeaccardo25d ago

I love how everybody makes conclusions on a non existent piece of hardware,

mkis00725d ago

What is the purpose of new graphics cards every year? Or new phones?

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ZeekQuattro26d ago

I'm certainly not anxious to upgrade. I only got a PS5 last year in time for SM 2and I'm content with it.

Knightofelemia26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I upgraded my PS5 to a slim pretty sure I am just going to avoid a Pro if one comes out. I skipped out on the PS4 pro when it came out my PS4 slim still swings a good game when I use it. Even though it sounds like it wants to leave orbit.

IRetrouk25d ago

Be getting day 1, I justify it by wanting it.

Neofire25d ago

Same here I'm wondering if this article is written by a PC or Xbox user because no one in their right mind that is a PlayStation gamer would refuse a stronger more powerful console.

IRetrouk25d ago

No idea lol, all I know is if a new playstation releases, I buy, because time and time again they prove their worth and I always get my moneys worth from them.

Aloymetal25d ago

Day one for me as well, just waiting from Sonys official reveal to place my order on Amazon and trade in my regular PS5.