USA TODAY Praises PS3 & Virtua Fighter 5

"Sony's PlayStation 3 has taken plenty of knocks since its release in November, between the gaudy price tag and perceived lack of quality games.

But the PS3 hits back with SEGA's Virtua Fighter 5, a stunning brawler and one of the console's bright spots.

Much like its debut more than 15 years ago, Virtua Fighter's next chapter boasts a dynamic battle system both easy for beginners to learn yet complex enough to entice experts.

Fighting boils down to three actions: Punch, kick and block. Sounds simple enough, but each character can turn those moves into over 50 different throws and combinations.

Right away, the PS3's horsepower is evident in sharply-detailed character models and arenas. Chiseled muscles and individual strands of hair are easy to spot, while background elements like water splash vividly."

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fenderputty4311d ago

I think I'll just wait for Tekken.

FFVIIFan4311d ago

But I prefer Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur.

giovonni4311d ago

V-Fighter is a great addition to the PS3, I don't know if I go as far as to say that this will push the green light to buy a 600 hundred dollar system, but it's a great addition.

timmyp534311d ago

the ps3 can cost 500 dollars if you don't care about wifi or memory (HDD)

techie4311d ago

OK -Don't know if it'd push a $830 system...

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The story is too old to be commented.