XDefiant Jump Shotting and Bunny Hopping Nerfs Incoming, Crossplay Improvement Incoming in Patch

The devs have confirmed that XDefiant jump shotting and bunny hopping nerfs are incoming, as well as crossplay improvements and bug fixes.

RhinoGamer8823d ago

I really want a SP and MP division 3.


Oh god you can do that over here to? I still have nightmares from bunny hopping in CoD.

ocelot0722d ago

Yup I'm enjoying the game. But it's funny but also frustrating at the same time. Putting a single bullet into someone half way across the map doing little to no damage and they frantically start jumping up and down frantically is the funny party. Then frustratingly they seem to 1 shot you during their frantic jumping.

BlackDoomAx22d ago

That + really bad netcode = Chef's kiss

anast23d ago

They should keep it and add double and triple jumping.

Deathdeliverer23d ago

Subs are absolutely ridiculous. Especially the P-90 all range tactical nightmare. And some of the maps are absolute garbage.


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XDefiant netcode improvements have been rolled out confirmed by the devs, as the Dedsec's Spider-bot ability is being reworked.

BlackDoomAx2d ago

I'm getting less hitreg and netcode issues. Spider bit is effectively buggy : sometimes i get stunned but the spider is invisible.