Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Has a Crucial Boss Fight Dilemma to Solve

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 nearly perfected its boss fight formula and one refinement could make it even more fluid and immersive in a third main entry.

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DivineHand12525d ago

Spoiler thumbnail lol. I don't mind the dialogue in the boss fights as long as it is not cringy. Let the interaction between spiderman and the bosses be meaningful.

jambola24d ago

I'd be happy if they just didn't repeat the whole thing If you die

jambola24d ago

I hope it can solve the annoying boss issue of them never shutting TF up
Forcing a hint every time you get hit
And repeating dialogue every time you die

TheGamingHounds24d ago

It reminds me of how tiring it was to hear "I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella" over and over again but then again, it was a skippable cutscene

Big agree though. The dialogue should be a first try thing

jambola24d ago

MJ boss fight still haunts me

XBManiac24d ago

The big dilemma for Spider-Man 3 is to lower the 385 millions cost of Spider-Man 2. I has to go down to the 200 millions budget, 50+ millions of marketing included and continue being as good as the two before. Sony and Insomniac need to work hard on this.

purple10124d ago

Well it’s like films, they don’t care how many millions to make cos’ they get their money back within 2 days on the box office

The problem comes, they when the film is crap and flops

So as long as they keep producing 9/10 games, they can spend what they like and always make it back + profits

Yi-Long24d ago

Honestly, I just want them to include the option for Japanese voices in there ...

fsfsxii24d ago

N4G's biggest weeaboo and complainer

Yi-Long23d ago

Maybe, but how hard is it for a multi-billion company to simply include such options for everyone, regardless of where you happen to live and buy/play your games?
A Japanese audio-track exists, so why not just offer us the option to download it and enjoy the game (perhaps on a 2nd or 3rd run) with a different language audio-track (and English subs).

Instead, they have gone out of their way to making it impossible to play these games in Japanese with English subs, even when you buy the Japanese copy.


Here's your first look at Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man 3

The modding team behind the unofficial PC port of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has managed to run an early build of Marvel's Spider-Man 3 on PC.

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OtterX5d ago

They should focus their efforts on Spooderman, you know the one we've all been waiting for, but Insomniac will never make.

OtterX5d ago

I should have added the /s lol

CrimsonWing694d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Just for the record I knew what you were saying and it made me laugh.

Some N4G users have no sense of humor or haven’t watched Spooder-Man vids because if they have there’s no way you’d get downvotes, lol.

OtterX4d ago

Thanks CrimsonWing69

The downvotes are reflective of Spooderman's core belief: He is not the hero the world wants, and he's not the hero the world needs, but he is the hero that the world gets.

just_looken5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Or go crazy and not make another game in the same city same move set's same characters same side activities and no doubt more esg story bs.

$5 we get a spider woman of there own design approved by a board of people that have 0 clue what a comic is.

gwen/anya/mattie etc na we will get sarah a bi trans spider woman bitten by a spider while she was protesting oscrops uses of gender based clothing.

get the web shooter to be organic so a power attack would be crotch webs hey there you go a new spider power.

just_looken5d ago


Could you imagine unziping to tie up the bad guys J jona would have afield day.

GamerRN5d ago

Another cash in sequel that uses the same assets and doesn't do much else that's new.

I think this series needs a break already.

I would love a new Uncharted with some updated tech. It's been a while. Let's bring back Drake!

just_looken5d ago

Thank you for saying that i mentioned in another article with that ransomware attack we saw the upcoming marvel games like you said take a break do something else.

A new uncharted game without the new nd devs would be a great idea make nathen drake the new sully his kid the new explorer.

porkChop5d ago

How is it misleading? It's our first look at the game. The title doesn't say it's the first *official* look.

Mr Logic4d ago

But it is implied. The point is that a game would never be shown in this state for a "first look".

Babadook74d ago

Agreed. The tile should be explicit in that this is unofficial, hacked etc.

BlackTar1875d ago (Edited 5d ago )

They really shouldn’t make another Spider-Man for like 10 years

jwillj2k45d ago

Said the same thing about horizon, last of us and god of war. No creativity need competition.

Pixykont5d ago

Im tired of all those games now. The novelty has worn off and Sony needs something different, fast