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NoobFeed editor Azfar Rayan writes - The target audience for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II is certain to be narrow. This game is purely designed for fans of narrative-heavy games where the gameplay takes a back seat, as well as those who want to play the sequel to the original. Some portions are spot on, and other parts fail badly at maintaining the mood while attempting to stay true to the concept.

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piroh27d ago

Similar to Heavy rain, Detroit become human etc. not my cup of tea. MS better port Forza Horizon/Motorsport to PS5 thx

Sonic188127d ago

The only difference is the games you mention didn't take 7 years to develop and they were longer than 5 hours unlike Hellblade 2

jznrpg27d ago

Heavy Rain had a great story too

anast27d ago

Become human had a good too. I'm not sure how long it took to develop.

Abear2126d ago

Detroit had tons of environmental interactions and branching paths. I replayed 3 times for different endings

mudakoshaka26d ago

No way! The games you mentioned are actual games with quicktime moments. A lot of interactivity too.

ChasterMies26d ago

“Detroit Become Human” is amazing. You should go back and finish it.

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Deathdeliverer27d ago

Man…. I posted on another story about my initial experience… I guess this is the follow up. The game never ceases to impress graphically. The ONLY game I’ve gone into photo mode more with is Ghost of Tsushima. My screenshots from that game are actually my phone backgrounds. To the point, game looks great. However…. It’s boring as HELL. I’m talking play after work, like you do any other game, and you’re passing tf out because of the LACK of gameplay. To be real, the supermassive games are the only “games” with less gameplay than this. In fact, I think they’d be the best games to compare this to. It makes perfect sense why they’d look so good. There’s literally nothing else going on and it’s on rails. This game has gotten me back into the gym because given the choice between the two, the gym wins so I thank Microsoft for that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is value. For me, this game thus far, is absolute bull and if I’d have bought it on Steam I’d be getting a refund and YouTubing the story. Since it’s a gamespass PC game I’m just dragging my ass through it. I seriously hope it gets better. I’m no conspiracy theorist and I have never (look through my history post police) blamed any company or website of being paid off. This game getting a 10 from anyone should be tremendously scrutinized. To be real anything over an 8 should raise an eyebrow. Personally I’m feeling 5~6 all through my soul but I’m not done yet. Guess we will see. I know gamespass may not be best for the industry, but thank god for it today. This game is a beautiful fully loaded plane crash.

Noskypeno26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I blame it on trying to get Martin Scorceses approval, because anything trying to be fun and not serious is not "cinema". I kinda miss the time when Samuel L Jackson and Nathan Fillion were the only celebrities that were in games.

rpvenom26d ago

I literally feel the same way. I had very high hopes for this game. I tried it on gamepass on PC and super excited cause I did enjoy for the 1st one. But not sure if the gameplay mechanics aged over time or what but man.. LITERAL walking simulator at times.. and yes, really gorgeous game and graphics, especially if you mod it to have the widescreen bars removed and film grain removed. But outside of that.. its all walking, focusing your camera, then mashing attack and dodge with the same moves over and over again. Feels good, and looks great.. but it's so boring. Everytime I'm back to walking.. I felt like I was forcing myself to play at that point.

Jingsing27d ago

Another mediocre score not reflected on Metacritic, surprise.

Abear2126d ago

M$ will control gaming media the last of this gen and next. Soon hopefully new gaming media sites will pop up, so many people in the comments here, a few of us could probably make it happen

__SteakDeck__26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Jingsing Don’t worry Edge’s review score will. Lol

XBManiac27d ago

It is still 81 on Metacritic. It is a good game by the early reviews... well... as people finish the game and publish opinions, it is not 100/100 anymore. But many players seem to like it.

dveio27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

You can probably apply this for Sony or Nintendo titles, too, but:

If you look closer at the scores above 90 on MC and some of the outlets names, it at least raises a little red flag about some of the mags impartiality.

If they score HB2 with above 95, where will they go from there if HB3 improves on all the negatives?

It's a solid game, with benchmark graphics. But everything above an 80 (which is still a high-end rating for a 5 hours game with hardly any gameplay) seems like a stretch.

__SteakDeck__26d ago

@XBManiac Lol Yeah because those sites with Xbox to their name helped inflate the score. They did the same for Starfield. Look the game looks amazing. I would say the best looking ever on console. But, this is an interactive medium. If the gameplay is lacking, then a game should not score high. No matter how pretty it is. It’s sad that The Order and Ryse got far more criticized for having the same deficiencies as this game.

Jingsing26d ago

The Order 1886 got hammered harder because of the inherent bias in the US reviewer and preference toward Microsoft. Sony has to work much harder to give reviewers state side less reasons to attack them. Now with IGN buying out a large cross section of games media that job only becomes even harder for Sony and easier for Microsoft to get results. This is also evident on Youtube were there are for more active and prominent Youtubers who share this bias, Spawn Wave, ReviewTechUSA, YongYea, etc the list goes on.

Christopher26d ago

The Order 1886 got hammered because it wasn't a good game. The setting nor the writing could save it.

Rhythmattic27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Maybe "Ryse: Son of Rome" again? Ive not played Hellblade II ...so cant comment the game itself, just only on the fact the graphics look awesome.

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purple1018d ago (Edited 8d ago )

they learnt series S can only manage 900p!! 😳

, - sorry I had to

this post on twitter, shows even worse.