XDefiant will take on COD’s Search & Destroy with “1-life bomb mode”

XDefiant will add a dash of Call of Duty to its playlists, as Ubisoft's Mark Rubin confirms a Search and Destroy style is mode is coming.

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Goodguy0123d ago

Odd it didn't come day one as it's a highly popular mode. We also just need a regular tdm mode.


Ubisoft finally nerfed the XDefiant sniper, but players are demanding more changes

Should the XDefiant sniper get another nerf or is it just a skill issue at this point?

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XDefiant Netcode Improvements From Latest Patch Confirmed, Spider-Bot Getting Reworked Due to Bugs

XDefiant netcode improvements have been rolled out confirmed by the devs, as the Dedsec's Spider-bot ability is being reworked.

BlackDoomAx1d 11h ago

I'm getting less hitreg and netcode issues. Spider bit is effectively buggy : sometimes i get stunned but the spider is invisible.


XDefiant Review - More Than A Flash and A Bang | The Outerhaven

The Outerhaven writes: XDefiant is a fast-paced and incredibly fun first-person shooter, with some unique twists on a packed genre of competitive multiplayer shooters.

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