Istanbul based developer teases new game based on Turkish mythology

Shadowfall Studios have announced via X.com the studio is now an official PlayStation partner.

darksky24d ago


Looks like a Skyrim clone. Very interesting if done well.

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Terry_B24d ago

Is there even one good game created in the Turkey so far?

PitbullMonster24d ago

Metin 1&2 and the Mount and Blade Series are the most known ones.

Michiel198924d ago

Metin ....how dare you name that in the same sentence with the word "good"

Cacabunga24d ago

Crytek says hi.. learn before posting

Zeke6824d ago

"Crytek was founded by the Turkish-German brothers Cevat, Avni and Faruk Yerli in September 1999 in Coburg, Germany."

So he's right, Crysis games are not made IN Turkey... ;)

Terry_B24d ago

Just as Zeke mentioned..Crytek is a German developer, created by a turkish guy who lives there, was probably born there.

What I meant are games completely made in the country

MrNinosan24d ago

3 turkish guys, not 1.

ghostliving24d ago

-Mount & Blade: Warband
-Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
-Anomaly Agent
-Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
-Cardboard Town

S2Killinit24d ago

What is turkish mythology? They don't have a mythology of their own. Unless we are going to rewrite history? Can someone fill us in on what mythology turkey has.

Eonjay24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It could mean folklore, proverb, or even fairytale like Jack and the magic beanstalk. It could even just be lore about historical figures like you even see in American culture like Jonny Appleseed (a real person whose life story was mythologized).

S2Killinit24d ago

I see. I was thinking in terms of actual deities. But that makes sense.

purple10124d ago

You know that thing called google. (Or DuckDuckGo, depending on preference 😏)

Have a go at it sometime. It’s good


TheCaptainKuchiki23d ago

Do you even know what "mythology" means?

S2Killinit23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Yes I do, which is why I know turkey does not really have one of its own. At least not in the same sense as some ancient cultures that have a mythology that is separate and distinct from the rest.

TheCaptainKuchiki22d ago

Then you clearly don't know what "mythology" means if you think Turks don't have one lmaooooooo

S2Killinit22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Im guessing you are Turkish? Well, I’m not trying to come off rude as that is not my intention, but Turkey does not have a mythology of its own. It does share other cultures’ mythology, but it is not exclusive to Turkey, nor did it originate with turkey.

TheCaptainKuchiki18d ago

I''m not turkish. You don't have to be turkish to recognize when someone is clearly being ignorant and should open a book or 2 or do some research before talking. Turkish people (aka people who inhabit the are that is know as Turkiye) do have their own myths and folkore just like every group of humans on the planet.
You know even a small village can have it's own mythology right?

If you deny Turkiye from having a mythology then no country on the planet can claim a mythology either since the concept of "nation state" is relatively new in the history of humanity and today's borders and populations aren't what they were 500 years ago.

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rippermcrip1d 11h ago

Hopefully their next game isn't about a murderer and they require employees to kill to someone to have a real understanding.

excaliburps1d 9h ago


But you can't develop a game with sauna elements UNLESS you've been in a sauna with a game dev...preferably naked.

peppeaccardo17h ago

I think they got commissioned the next Leisure Suite Larry .... :P

H91d 10h ago

He is right you need to experience something to be able to write about it just like Tolkien threw himself in mount doom to understand Sauron and like Agatha Christie organized a death game on a remote island

Inverno1d 9h ago

Ah yes I read that news outlets were picking up on this string of facebook posts. Easy to write about some random conversation on FB without much context. Let's see how long it takes for them to talk to the devs directly for clarification. I'm sure these sites will drag this out as long as they can painting this guy as a creep. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.

excaliburps1d 9h ago

Have you read his replies?? He is even explaining how his rationale is correct...

Inverno1d 9h ago

Yes I've read the replies. But if sites are gonna write about this they should do their jobs as journalist and get in contact with one of the woman who works in the studio.