XDefiant Netcode & Hit Reg Improvements in the Works; Sniper Flinch, Camera Shake to Be Tuned

Ubisoft is working on XDefiant netcode and hit registration improvements, as tuning on sniper flinch and camera shake are incoming.

Tankbusta4015d ago

Its not a bad game, but I think many people would have been happier if it wasn't f2p. Leveling weapons is a crazy grind


XDefiant Season 1 release date revealed, introduces new GSK faction

The XDefiant Season 1 release date has finally been announced as part of Ubisoft's latest showcase and it includes a ton of new content.

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XDefiant players are desperate for Season 1 to begin

XDefiant Season 1 can't come soon enough as the game has many glaring issues that need fixing as they begin to turn players off.

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XDefiant players say this is why the game is better than Call Of Duty

XDefiant players have said this is why they feel more comfortable spending money rather than in Call of Duty.

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i also agree after playing all the game modes and putting enough hours in xdefiant i went back to call of duty and wont be playing xdefiant again.

Goodguy013h ago(Edited 3h ago)

The no sbmm is great. The gunsmith is an exact copy of MW's which is great but dear lord the grind is insane. Only play once in a while though as I simply cannot stand these hero/ability shooters. I do hope they come out with a no ability playlist as the guns themselves are absolutely fine to play with alone. We'll see what happens to the game if it fails or not I guess.