Sand Land Is A Breath Of Fresh Air Among All These Anime Arena Fighters

Sand Land, a shounen anime translated into an enjoyable open-world RPG proves how suffocating and monotonous most arena fighters have become.


Sand Land review - Vehicular Exploration and Explosion | TechStomper

"Sand Land is a faithful retelling of the legendary manga of the same name - a little grind doesn't dull this engrossing and fun experience."

- Stuart Cullen, TechStomper

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Sand Land Review - Toriyama's Swan Song | MP1st

Sand Land Review - Akira Toriyama's two decade old manga has received new life with a recent anime adaptation and now a video game as well.


Review: Sand Land | Console Creatures

Bobby says, "Overall, Sand Land is an adequate adventure that occasionally showcases moments of brilliance but struggles to capture the original work's essence."

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ZeekQuattro38d ago

Excellent game. Shame it doesn't appear Tobe selling all that well. Maybe when the Anime drops sales will pick up.

shinoff218336d ago

I wanted to buy it. It's just jrpgs have been busy this year. It's definitely on the list. I also had missed some releases the last few years so I'm back tracking as well on stuff like ys monstrum nux, etc.