Nothing Can Scratch A New Gamer’s Itch For Another Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 is so good it might actually be a bad place to start with RPGs.

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Armaggedon61d ago

Baldurs Gate 3 was great, but I dont think it is as crazy as people make it out to be. I actually think Starfield is closer to being a crazy insane once in a lifetime game, but Im ready for the flak Im about to get.

AndrewM60d ago

If you think that then you either A never played Bg3 or B never watched anyone else play it, or C you don't know anything about the game, or D you played it and have no idea of the marvel it is in every single aspect of game design. It doesn't matter what game you compare it to, it doesn't hold a candle. Let alone starfield.

Armaggedon60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

A. Ive played it thrice
B. Played with others, so there are moments of watching
C. Know more than I would care to about the game
Thats quite bold, seeing as there are an inumerable amount of games for it to contend with. I also know plenty of people with their own gripes with the game.

As someone that creates things, and has actively sought to gather intel and understanding, I would say Baldurs Gates very nature makes it so it would have a hard time sitting upon the lofty throne you have given it. Similar to a Bethesda game, it is a game with a very large number of permutations and variables to consider, despite being smaller in scale by direct comparison.

Exemplary mastery of design philosophy is more certain to appear in a game that is for confined. One of the reasons I see Starfield the way I do is simply Bethesedas approach of breaking the rules. Anyone should hopefully know that you just dont try to fit a Bethesda game into a space game, but they found a way to pull it off. Do to the nature of large scale open world games, whether it is efficient or not depends on the angle one is looking at.

Many people would tell me immediately that loading screens and empty planets prove that they failed to pull it off. If you play Starfield like a conventional game yes

Armaggedon60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Part 2:
Many people would tell me immediately that loading screens and empty planets prove that they failed to pull it off. If you play Starfield like a conventional game yes, it will seem disjointed and lazy; however, to those who realize what Bethesda were going for, you will see that the game is severely underestimated. The idea of God is hated and loved by many, and there is much controversy. Starfield is closer to that idea than people even notice.


Unveiling Baldur's Gate 3: The Art of Crafting an Acclaimed RPG

Having spent three and a half decades playing games and the best part of a decade writing about them, Adam Smith embodies a lifelong passion for gaming. His journey led him to Larian Studios during the nascent stages of Baldur’s Gate 3's production, where he now serves as Writing Director. In this exclusive interview, Adam shares profound insights into crafting narratives, balancing rich lore with innovative storytelling, and his vision for the future of interactive narratives in video games.

TheNamelessOne10d ago

Amazing game. Glad to see Larian finally being recognized with games like Original Sin and this.


The Indie Genre Has No Exact Boundaries Anymore

In recent times, the Indie genre has lost its charm by becoming a loose term. There are no borders to decide whether a title is Indie or not.

OtterX13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The defining factor is creative freedom. If you answer to a publisher, and they push ideas, changes and their own vision, then you are not indie. If you have a small publishing agreement that brought in funding, but the publisher's stake in the company or project is not large enough to give them creative reign, then you are still indie bc you still remain independent of control.

It's that easy. Indie means independence of creative control, not independence from funding. Many times small time publishers of indies will take control of only the marketing side of things, which is usually very much appreciated. I've worked in this side of gaming.

*It's the same thing in indie films or indie music really, with varying levels of quality and funding. It's about retaining the creator's original vision without unwanted meddling.

Vits12d ago

Unfortunately, yes. Indies were originally games that were outside of the main market, created by studios with no ties to publishers or larger companies. Then, at some point, they started to include pretty much every game that looks smallish. And even that went the way of the dodo, and budget size started to be compared, which we often don't know; now it's pretty much whatever you are feeling that day. Some will say that it's about creative freedom, which is also basically impossible to measure in most games and could very well mean that a bunch of smaller projects by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc., are actually indies.

So at the end of the day. It's another label that has very little meaning.


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jznrpg16d ago

My physical copy of BG3 finally came today! But I’m playing another game right now so it will wait a bit longer