Hellblade 2 Shows This Console Generation is Far From Over

There have been a few rumors over the last few months claiming that the current generation of consoles is nearly over, but Hellblade 2 begs to differ.

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rlow118d ago

Definitely the biggest technical leap in visuals so far this generation. My question is, had they not had to cater to the series S would we have 4k 60 on the X? I think we know the answer considering that on PC it hits that mark.

But regardless how you feel about the game it’s an Unreal poster child.

ThinkThink18d ago

Now it's up to the Coalition to see if they are still the kings of the unreal engine. The one part where Senua is sprinting through the lava filled terrain gave me a glimpse of what gears 6 could look like.

Cacabunga18d ago

To me this been didn’t even start for me.. cross gen is all we got

PrinceOfAnger18d ago

By the rumors Gears 6 will be open world and 60fps i'd be surprised if they hit Hellblade 2 visuals. now i just want to see NT next game Project Mara.

Popsicle18d ago

Agreed on the first significant technical leap of this gen. When I see video or even often photos of older games I can almost always immediately point to which generation they were a part of.

I believe Hellblade 2 and maybe Ratchet and Clank are the only games so far that I will see on a screen a decade from now and be able to immediately identify them as gen 9 games.

outsider162418d ago

Demon Souls and Ratchet for me. Two freaking beautiful games with different style and art.

shinoff218318d ago

Definitely. It looks fantastic graphically.

Michiel198917d ago

those on pc that hit 4k 60fps have significantly better hardware than what's in the ps5 or xbox.

TheEroica17d ago

Can't imagine downvoting your comment.... Those are some insecure folks right there.

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jwillj2k418d ago

None of this matters if all we get are 3+ generational cross gen titles.

DOMination-18d ago

It doesn't matter how good the graphics are in this game, it's not a system seller.

The generation IS over, Phil admitted a year ago that Xbox isn't catching PlayStation. And the fact that Xbox want to start a new generation as early as next year shows that they couldn't give a toss about Series X|S users.

Flawlessmic18d ago

Yea I just finished it a few hours ago and I'll start by saying the graphics are amazing!!!!! and I experienced and noticed absolutely zero bugs and ran into no issues with the game so it's highly polished.

In saying that, that's where my compliments end, I slugged my way through this game, thank god it was short.

The most on rails game I've ever played, didn't care for the story or the characters outside of the story for the first giant which I did like. For a game like this story and characters should've been everything and it just didn't hit, I didn't care at all just wanted to finish the game and experience the visuals, that's the only reason I persisted.

Puzzles were absolutely lame an amounted to either trying to find shapes or using land shifting bubbles, all of which were piss easy.

The fights are cool at first and look brutal but again very simple.

Checking my last achievement only like 6% of players have finished the game which says a lot considering the length of it. I can't imagine a whole lot of people are playing this either.

Don't understand the higher reviews for this, outside of visuals the game isn't great.

Hellblade 2 won't move the needle at all for ms

victorMaje17d ago

The way I see it is even though HB2’s graphics aren’t enough to save xbox, the gen isn’t & shouldn’t be over because there’s still a lot of potential for devs to make fun, technically advanced, immersive & memorable games.
Problem is, as you mention, ms doesn’t care.

neomahi18d ago

I don't see how. We're on the eve of PS5 Pro and nothing. Everything is still possible on PS4 Pro and PS4, HECK XBOX ONE is still being developed for. This statement is a publicity stunt, a desperate statement made to try and sell Hellblade 2 to save Xbox as they're about to pull a Sega. I trust this statement as much as I trust Xbox, Phil Spencer, Aaron "Executive Fanboy" Greenberg, and newly added to the list Sarah "Word Salad" Bond

anast17d ago

There are games you just don't play them.

17d ago