5 PlayStation Exclusive Games That Look Better Than Hellblade 2

The Nerd Stash: "Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 has some of the best graphics on Xbox, but there are PlayStation games that look even better."

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PrinceOfAnger49d ago

Lol some sony fans now disagreeing with DF !?
They said :
Hellblade 2 is a defining moment in the evolution of real-time graphics".

(The Next Level in Real-Time Visuals)

Takes advantage of everything UE5 offers
- Final game 'lives up to the lofty expectations' of the 2019 reveal
- Character rendering sets new standards and nearly resembles movie sequences with actual actors
- Leverages Unreal's Meta Human 5 to bypass the uncanny valley feel
- DF were left guessing whether some cut-scenes were in-game or real life footage (photo mode shows they're all real time)


Right now nothing on PS looks better than HB2.

PrinceOfAnger49d ago

5 PlayStation Exclusive Games" also on PC..
so what Exclusive? No one here confesses and accepted the word "Console exclusive". they were making jokes about it!

PrinceOfAnger49d ago


Sony fans were making jokes first about the word " Console exclusive" here and on other sites.
Now they use the word by themselves.

P_Bomb49d ago

I write console exclusive all the time. I use it in Xbox’s favor too. Those are the games I generally go after over there.

MrDead48d ago

Now I understand who these articles are written for.

Just buy and support the game so MS doesn't shut down Ninja Theory.

S2Killinit48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

You cant really talk when xbox has all its games released elsewhere. Not a good look.

Cacabunga48d ago

HB2 on PS5 will look better than HB2..
And even with that i won’t buy it

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PrinceOfAnger48d ago

This article says Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima has better graphics than Hellblade 2 i'm done! 🤣

VenomUK48d ago

Of course! But that doesn't make it invalid.

I haven't been playing too much recently except a bit of Dave the Diver (retro pixel art). But if this has the best graphics then I definitely want to see so will download it for my XSX and start the game. If I had more time I'd play through the first one first.

S2Killinit48d ago

DF can talk from its arse all it wants. I’m sure they are spending their advertising money wisely.

DivineHand12547d ago

I was under the impression Microsoft didn't have any marketing for this game. I also don't need to be paid to say Hellblade 2 is the most photo realistic game on consoles ever made.

Nacho_Z48d ago

People are free to disagree with DF, it's debatable how impartial they are.

The article is a bit of a stretch though. Hellblade has an open goal graphically because it's using the latest tech on small areas with crap framerate so the fidelity is through the roof. It's not impressive to me personally but it's an achievement that shouldn't be denied.

S2Killinit48d ago

Yes. But then a picture can be extremely beautiful but you cant really play it. Hellblade must be beautiful but it has low frames, and its pretty much on rails so it does not really impress me personally.

Information Minister48d ago

I've been subscribed to DF's YouTube channel since before their videos were even narrated and I tell you no debate is necessary about how impartial they are.

DF has clearly had some level of proximity with Microsoft since the launch of the Xbox One X. They haven't exactly tried to hide either. Their coverage/damage control for Starfield was quite blatant.

So yes, people on all camps are free to disagree with DF's opinions.

That aside, this particular article is complete flamebait.

neutralgamer199248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

what good are graphics when rest of the game is a walking sim (coming from a pc fan) if it's only about graphics than any game can push the boundary but that's without much gameplay

to me gears of war 5 is more impressive because it had the graphics and gameplay to back it up, just like uncharted 2 back in the day. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is also up there.

SGT_Squirrel48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I don't understand people. Both the PS5 and Xbox one X are great machines. I own both and could care less which system has a game that is marginally better looking than the other. Yes, Hellblade 2 is the best-looking console game right now, but it isn't a huge leap over what the PS5 has. Since I am not tied to one company's console, I see things differently I guess.

Abear2147d ago

Agreed, plus traditionally all PS exclusives are third person action and everything on Xbox is usually FPS.

Let’s talk gameplay people, you know, that thing that actually matters? I remember Gamepro would rate “Fun Factor” in their reviews—is the game actually fun to play?!

If this was the judging method, and not resolution and “bespoke tech” that digital foundry wants you to be obsessed with, than Dave the Diver is my GOTY so far (ps5)

itsmebryan48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Grasping at straws to make a positive Playstation story. Too bad they can't talk about AAA first party games. Because "PS5 has NO GAMES!!!" Why can't people just be honest. HB2 looks amazing.

Abear2147d ago

Woah there little fella, you are way lost in what is no longer reality, hope you left bread crumbs

Sonic188148d ago

Horizon is West definition looks better than Hellblade 2

VariantAEC46d ago

This comment doesn't even make sense and I agree with it.

purple10147d ago

Digital foundry recently said ps5 ports are holding back Xbox

You can’t really take them as gospel anymore

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darthv7249d ago

Okay, I've played all of those, and they looked good for their time. This game just takes realism to a whole other level. some would even say uncanny valley-esq at times.

Maybe that's why people are having a hard time with this game... its almost too real and makes them uneasy about it.