Helldivers 2 players at risk of yet another shock Major Order defeat

The fight to liberate Varylia 5 rages on in Helldivers 2, but this new Major Order is at risk of failure following a recent brutal defeat.

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lodossrage29d ago

At what point does this start to become spam?

Do we need an article on every major order or randomized event in the game?


It's BS too. The latest MO came out about 35 hours ago, has 79 hours left, and is 58.66% complete. It's progressing swiftly.


Extraction killing and kicking is becoming a trend in Helldivers 2, and it needs to stop

Your goal in Helldivers 2 is to complete missions as a team. Not to kill your fellow soldiers just as you're about to finish one.

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GamerRN3h ago

Toxic behavior... I haven't encountered it much, but I generally keep to my own lobbies.

Aphrodia2h ago

I'm sorry but it's completely on the developers to make their own games 100% grieve-proof, or as close to it as possible. If you don't want TK-ing then why the hell put that in the game? Just plain stupidity.

jznrpg1h ago

Friendly fire is part of the strategy of the game. I am not sure how they could do it really.

Vits2h ago

In my personal experience, I had a couple of really high-level players join my medium-low-level missions just to try to kill us. Of course, they get kicked as soon as we notice, but I feel they are probably bored with the game and, instead of moving on, they pull this sort of stuff. It is more sad than annoying to be honest.


Community Manager's Announcement About a Problematic Weapon Galvanizes Helldivers 2 Players

One lovely Helldivers 2 CM made an announcement about the Spear on Discord. Why do you think this irritated the players?


Helldivers 2 player calls Hellmire "freaking rad," but people like to lie on the internet

A Helldivers 2 has claimed to like Hellmire, confirming that some people like to lie on the internet because no one enjoys fire tornadoes

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rippermcrip1h ago

Christopher... seriously do you feel any shame having to push this garbage website?