Some XDefiant players are refusing to play the game because it's not on Steam

Some XDefiant players are apparently refusing to play the game because of its absence on Valve's platform, Steam.

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thorstein30d ago


They should review bomb it on another site and claim it's not available in 194 of the 195 countries in earth.

Just looking for some consistency.


I'm sure they would but Uplay doesn't have user review.

notachance30d ago

“Some Xdefiant players refused to play the game”

If they don’t even play it then they’re not “Xdefiant players” dude..


Yeah, I'm not sure why he would disrespect those players like that. 🤣


This happens for every game... why is this news?

OhReginald30d ago

That didn't stop pc ganers from playing escape from tarkov....where's the consistency. Why are stram users so entitled???

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Psychonaut8553m ago(Edited 53m ago)

Isn’t this the thousandth time they’ve done this? Structure things in an abusive way, people complain, they go “we’re listening” and dial it back to a still abusive level (probably the level that they originally wanted) then act like they deserve an award for responding to feedback. Fuck Ubisoft and all the other big boi shitheads playing us for saps.


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