Alter the past, save the future - Eternal Threads finally releases on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

A single player, narrative-driven, first person puzzler, Eternal Threads is now on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

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Playstation Country - Eternal Threads – PS5 Review

Michael Kitchin writes, "Whilst it can be appealing to nose around the lives of others, Eternal Threads' cast are lacking in some believability. The writing is fine but the delivery varies in degrees of confidence. Confining the game to a single household should breed some intricate knowledge but the time manipulation removes any stakes from the equation. The butterfly effect of decisions can make things hard to decipher, especially if you're trying to dig for further information. As it is, Eternal Threads is a good premise let down by poor execution."

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Eternal Threads Review | TheXboxHub

Review - It's quite the challenge to keep everyone alive, but in Eternal Threads it has enough intrigue to keep you going until the very end

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The Epic Game Store Has Some Scary Freebies for You

The Epic Game Store's weekly freebies includes a game to give you nightmares.

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