Sony Is Pleased With PS5 Sales, Teases Next-Gen Controller Concept

Sony has stated that it is pleased with the current PS5 sales, and the console maker has also teased a concept for a next-gen controller.

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ravens5222d ago

Despite "the industry going through tough times"
We good over here. 💪🏽

Cacabunga22d ago

Id rather have an idea on what’s cooking at WW studios before hearing about a controller..

Eonjay22d ago


That's usually handled by PlayStation, not Sony. Allegedly we are less than a week away.

Also, is it just me or isn't that a handheld concept rather than a controller concept?

darthv7222d ago

Did someone say controller.....?

ConsoleAgnostic21d ago

Let's not forget they did layoffs also.

Profchaos22d ago

That's not a legit next gen controller tease it's a artsy mock up meant to represent that Sony intends to be in the gaming space for the long term.

Look at that and tell me anyone would have a good time with that weird thing

outsider162422d ago

It's a concept alright.

"It’s worth remembering that this is merely a concept, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate into a future product."

RaidenBlack22d ago

I want a "breakable" controller.
A typical controller with even more detailed haptics feedback that can be detached from the middle a la VR controllers style or joy cons + motion control on both parts.
That'd be something new.

Profchaos22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

If we got to pick I'd like a little more flexibility personally I don't like the duelsense and I greatly prefer the feel of the ds4 in my hands the ds4 to me at least is the best controller and company has made to date.

So at first I didn't care I couldn't use it on my PS4 we get haptics and trigger feedback so it's fine but we are years in and I still don't like the duelsense it's just to bulky and heavy.

So id like the ability to chose from more controller designs a small medium or large pad would be great

Einhander197222d ago

"Look at that and tell me anyone would have a good time with that weird thing"

Are you kidding?

If it had good games of course people would play on it.

Gameseeker_Frampt22d ago

You must of completely missed the Wii U.

-Foxtrot22d ago

Yeah looks awful

Why fix what’s not broken

They should just focus on battery life and haptic feedback.

romulus2322d ago

Depends on what you consider "a good time", wink wink, nudge nudge, ok I'll see myself out.

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PassNextquestion22d ago

They probably used ai to produce the concept for the controller

Barlos22d ago

I know it's only a concept but that controller isn't something I need in my life.

purple10122d ago

sony had a corporate meeting where they basically apologised, for aiming to sell 25million ps5 and only selling 21
meanwhile xbox sells 6million in the same timeframe. Japanese culture on display for all to see.

"We are sorry we decimated the competition by such a small amount, we wanted it to be bigger, rest assured, we will try harder..."

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DustMan1d 3h ago

Didn't have any issues with enemy spawns after the patch. Me and a friend were able to complete a suicide operation as a duo. Maybe ran into a handful of encounters that were true grinds. What I'm assuming is that people aren't actually moving away from an engagement they will not win. Getting overwhelmed? Throw a orbital laser, or a couple air strike and move on. You may have a hulk or two follow, but with distance between you and them they aren't trouble. Also, do not sleep on the expendable anti-tank. It's part of my loadout now consistently because you don't really have to worry about picking your secondary up every single time you die. Plus if your carrying one, and then drop it's stratagem you've got 3 shots you can pull off relatively quickly. They knock out gunships in one shot. Just got to learn how to arch the longer shots.

jznrpg40m ago

That’s one thing I always notice with a lot of random groups. They just sit there and fight and fight unending swarms shooting mainly with their primaries. Run n Gun is the name of the game. Like you said throw and orbital or eagle then run and kite the mobs that follow and take ‘em out one by one while your moving. If you have a sentry throw that down and keep running.

jznrpg51m ago(Edited 49m ago)

They don’t seem worse. They haven’t changed much if anything.