A third Black Ops 6 teaser goes live as Call of Duty over shadows XDefiant's launch

Activision has released the third teaser for Call of Duty Black Ops 6 as more about The Truth Lies is uncovered.

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Tacoboto27d ago

Another Us vs Them headline from Videogamer. XDefiant has nothing to do with COD's marketing and vice versa.


Black Ops 6 Forcing Always-Online To Minimize Size Doesn't Exactly Sound Convincing

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 plans to go always-online to minimize the file size, but the question is, is that really the only reason?

XiNatsuDragnel1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

It's bs either way because go multiple discs, go f2p, or you know what Don't go always online.

gold_drake1d 15h ago

the real question we should ask is, why is it so big?
is it bad optimisation?

cause warzone was also huge in filesize for no good reason.

Inverno7h ago

The problem, and personally I see it as a problem, is that devs refuse to make things like high rez textures and dubs an optional download. Since I've switched to DECK I've held back from buying or downloading any game that requires to download a full 60+ gigs. I still remember those BF3 update sizes on PS3, for content i wasn't going to even bother accessing.

gold_drake3h ago

i dont know if thats essentially more work than anyone wants to put in quite honestly.

Tankbusta408h ago

The always online will be for ads. Its plain and simple...this is the first COD on gamepass so its no wonder that this version mysteriously needs an online connection for single player. One month after the game comes out the ads will start and they will be very intrusive...it has nothing to do with file size. The ads wont be in the review copies but they are coming

Inverno7h ago

for texture streaming? Just gimme lower Rez textures then.

MisterWoogie7h ago

Do people really still care about this 'always online' stuff?

ocelot077h ago

As someone who had just a internet outage for a few days and only access to 4g on my phone.

If I had just spent £70 on a game that has a single player mode. I would fully expect to be able to access that single player mode while my internet is down.

MisterWoogie4h ago

You're right there mate. For single player campaigns I don't get why it can't be offline.

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Xbox Game Pass is about to get an influx of players once Black Ops 6 launches

Activision's day-one launch of Black Ops 6 on Game Pass means the subscription service is about to get a massive influx of players.

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gold_drake2d ago

i wouldnt be so sure of that. it will definitely see a spike.

Sonic18812d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I believe it will see a spike, but I also believe it's going to lose a lot of profit and sells as well because it's on gamepass, at least for short-term. In long-term it might do well if subscribers stay with gamepass

crazyCoconuts2d ago

There are so many different scenarios to model to figure out what the net impact will be. Without the details that only MS has access to, it's impossible to know the net impact of this. Intuitively I want to say they need to raise the price of GamePass but I'm not sure even about that.

VenomUK2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

For this gamble to work, meaning putting Call of Duty on Game Pass and new subs profits outweighing lost retail sales, Microsoft will have to attract PlayStation owners to buying an Xbox and then get them to subscribe to Game Pass. I doubt this will happen to any meaningful degree, I just think the move will kill all the Call of Duty Xbox retail revenue and hastened Microsoft valuing third party console profits most.

just_looken2d ago

You forgot the real money buying this game is nothing to the money they will make on microtransactions.

You can spend well over a grand like nothing on current cod titles.

Sonic18812d ago


That's why I said long-term. Microtransactions is the key but COD is still a stale franchise

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Eonjay2d ago

It better. For GP to work for day and tate releases they need to increase those subs. I feel like this is their best chance. They also HAVE to find a way to get those console sales up if they want a massive sub boost. So I'm a lot apprehensive about that part.

jeromeface2d ago

They've given up on their console division if you haven't noticed... they are gonna prob go for the hand held market next and release a mobile device that plays most game pass games.

JackBNimble1d 16h ago

I don't see sales going up as long as games keep going to ps5. It just doesn't make sense in my opinion to buy an xbox even if there's a year delay for certain games.

DOMination-1d 10h ago

"They've given up on their console division if you haven't noticed"

I wouldn't be so sure. Sarah Bond seemed to suggest at the Xbox showcase that they were hard at work on next generation. I get the impression we may see it announced as early as next June if they are willing to acknowledge it already.

Cacabunga2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

…for a month… first month is like 1$.

just_looken2d ago

If this was the old cod i can see massive but with unlocks going game to game in some titles ps players with stick with ps versions to a point.

Now on the microsoft side there might be a influx of those like me that are like hey its free i will try it then might not play it after week 2.

I say give it a month or so let the number's show more stability to see if the game pass move worked out.

Also to all those on the pc side if you purchase the Microsoft controller bundle that comes with the pc adapter you get 30days of gamepass.

The adapter runs on a different frequency than bluetooth because i went from blutooth to this years ago it stopped all my controller issues. Just this month i tossed this bundle to someone i know for free for there pc they got there gamepass card for cod 2024 and the controller synced up 0 issues fighting there blutooth.

10/10 great adapter oh like a xbox console that adapter cant store/run up to 8 gamepads

DarXyde1d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

It's too early to know, honestly. You do have people who buy a few games annually and play them for the year. Those people lose money by subbing to XGP, and they have access as long as they continue to pay.

I'm also not so sure people are willing to keep paying subscriptions because it can honestly be difficult to keep track of. Between basic utilities, internet, the various subs you need for different programs (Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, etc), and even game specific subs like FFXIV, it's a lot to keep track of on a monthly basis. You might get those periodic drop-in and dropout users, but I don't see much retention.

Finally, because the games are rented, I would be very surprised to see engagement with microtransactions remain high. For those who do utilize XGP for CoD, would you really see them buying them?

A lot of unknowns.

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Einhander19722d ago

That's what I was told over and over and over again about Starfield...

Xbox is running out of ways to pad out the numbers, can't make games with gold = game pass twice..

Though I'm sure they'll give out game pass with tacos, burgers, shirts, farts and toilet paper in order to make a press release...