The MSI Claw Gaming Handheld Sees Another Game Performance Boost Through New BIOS and MSI Center M

MSI is proud to announce that its gaming handheld, Claw, has achieved a significant performance increase of up to 30% through a new BIOS and MSI Center M update. Furthermore, the new BIOS and MSI Center M enable Claw to smoothly play all of the top 100 po

purple10156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

is this the one with the switch2 chip inside.?

this is Intels first try at the format

probs not though, as it's $799. so not good for switch actually

Huey_My_D_Long56d ago

Well thats nice considering Ive heard it consistently performs worse when it really shouldn't.

Now if only Lenovo would do the same for the legion go


FTC Calls Xbox Game Pass Price Hike 'Exactly The Sort Of Consumer Harm' It Tried To Stop

Despite losing its lawsuit seeking an injunction to freeze Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard in July 2023, the FTC appealed the decision with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. While it awaits a final decision from those justices, the FTC’s been filing additional evidence to support its claims that the merger would hurt competition in gaming and hurt customers, including a letter from earlier this year after Microsoft laid off nearly 2,000 employees across the newly acquired teams.

lelo2play1d 10h ago

FTC never heard of inflation. Did they expect Gampass to remain the same price forever?
Would be funny if Gampass remained at 10€ fifty years from now...

Einhander19721d 9h ago

"Microsoft insists Game Pass prices ‘will not increase as a result of Activision merger"

"It says a price rise “would be counter-productive as it would increase subscriber churn rates”

1d 8h ago
lelo2play1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

"Game Pass prices will not increase as a result of the Merger"

Gamepass wouldn't increase in result of the merger... but it doesn't mean it wouldn't increase due to other reasons, like inflation, extra expenses, etc. Do you expect Gamepass to remain the same price forever?

All other online services have been increasing prices.

boing121h ago

I cancelled my Ultimate sub after the announcement, so they were right. And yet, they still did it. That is so MS.

Einhander197220h ago

Inflation is down since they made that statement.

They also call into question the 2000+ people Microsoft has fired from the developers they bought.

And again, this is contradictory to what Microsoft said they would do.

They lied in court.

Reaper22_13h ago

Lol...they never said gamepass wouldn't increase and they never said it would because of the merger. And even they did it's their right to do so. So what's your point?

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Inverno1d 9h ago

So we blaming this on inflation now? Lol ok

lelo2play1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

Sony and other streaming services (Netflix, HBO, ...) have been increasing prices and altering their services. Do you expect Gamepass to remain the same price forever?
Others can increase prices and alter their services, but Microsoft can't?

Hypocrite much!

DarXyde20h ago


Ego inflation.

IRetrouk18h ago

Lelo, they upped the price last year, along with their xboxs......

waderae11h ago

I believe they call it mental gymnastics.

Profchaos8h ago

Exactly let's not forget this deal was done under the same economic climate this was predictable yet they maintained they would not be increasing prices yet now the merger is done they increased prices and split tiers to avoid further scrutiny.

This is and always has been how Microsoft do business deflect blame and increase profits

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andy851d 8h ago

Inflation doesn't double something in a few months.

anast1d 8h ago

You are correct. It's actually lower. It was around 7% in 2021 and now it's around 3%, which is ideal.

REDDURT1d 8h ago

Dude they are lying. That inflation low keeps getting silly and silly.

gold_drake1d 4h ago

inflation aint the same thing as to lock stuff behind a paywall that was previously not. lol

Hotpot1d 3h ago

*activate clown vision*
*everything looks exactly the same*

KwietStorm_BLM1d 2h ago

Yeah you're right. It's just a coincidence that this happened after spending billions of dollars buying up the industry. And closing studios. And firing thousands of people. All while barely being able to give away Xboxes. It's all because of inflation. LOL

XiNatsuDragnel1d ago

Fanboyism bro this is pure fanboyism, it's bs we all know it so stop defending Microsoft.

thorstein18h ago

You said it all, my friend, you said it all.

jznrpg20h ago

But inflation has gone down in the U.S.

ChasterMies20h ago

Except $/mb of broadband, $/mb of storage, and $/compute power only gets cheaper over time. As Microsoft’s overhead has gone down, it’s prices have gone up.

1Victor19h ago

@lelo: “FTC never heard of inflation. Did they expect Gampass to remain the same price forever?
Would be funny if Gampass remained at 10€ fifty years from now...”
I see you got the industrial size chapstick truck from Microsoft and put it into use already.
Add one more backpedaling to Microsoft and Phil rhetorics