Call Of Duty Black Ops 6 Teaser Trailer Has Been Revealed

The teaser trailer for the next entry in Activision's Call of Duty series, Black Ops 6, has been revealed.

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purple10131d ago

we need Sonys concord to turn out good - so I dont have to buy this.,

1, its time for a change,
2, mw3 has so much content its a joke, will keep me busy for when I fancy scratching the 'itch for twitch'

ThinkThink31d ago

Purple, save your money on COD. I'm sure concord will turn out well. Could always just get the new COD on gamepass.

purple10131d ago

I only have a laptop, (which is an M2pro Mac) and ps5, so would have to stream cod with gamepass ultimate.
or, I could also just buy it off ebay half price, like I normally do, but yeh, fancy a change.

Abear2130d ago

Just reinstall one of the old ones, if you’re on PS5 playing Blops3 or 4 you have an advantage over those playing on PS4 imo.

outsider162430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

All i want is KillzonePS5 or a SOCOM actually

large scale warfare vs the helghast.

Remember the infamous trailer? Yeah well i want that to be gameplay. Like when you start as the ISA you start from that ship and invade the planet of helghast atop those flying transport thingy. And as Helghast you're suppose to defend the planet. Complete with destruction and vehicles etc.

Eonjay30d ago

You can get XDefiant right now... for free. I tried it out yesterday and its pretty good.

franwex30d ago

You already don’t have to buy this regardless of anything.

DaMist30d ago

"mw3 has so much content its a joke" is a wild take, but I stopped playing mid season 1 so maybe you're right.

neutralgamer199229d ago

The last online game I played was KZ2 and resistance 2. I have tired Fortnite but I am mostly a single player gamer. I hope under MS the campaigns are more polished and longer than few hours. To now invest into a MP game it’s like a full time job after work basically. Money should never have been involved to unlocked stuff which was previously unlocked by simply playing and progressing

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XiNatsuDragnel31d ago

Concord please be good and xdefiant continue to improve plz

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CrimsonWing6930d ago

It’s so weird to see people now supporting GaaS.

Eonjay30d ago


Totally agree.


You are seriously implying that people are just now starting to play online multiplayer shooters? You are saying that COD (a GasS) hasn't consistently be the top selling game for like 2 decades? People have been supporting GaaS for quite some time now. I've been playing COD since 2009. I can tell you don't personally like them but they exist, they are popular and didn't just get here yesterday.

CrimsonWing6930d ago (Edited 30d ago )


Point still stands, I find it weird people are supporting GaaS games and while it’s true some are popular, it’s a very specific few.

Give me the ratio of successful GaaS to unsuccessful. I don’t have any interest in Concord or any of Sony’s GaaS games or COD and I personally f*cking hate this is the direction the industry is going.

I can voice my opinion on here just as you can. So deal with it.

XiNatsuDragnel30d ago

I don't support gaas I support games and or types of games getting competition eg cod needs a cod like shooters to push but gaas are bad lol

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tay870130d ago

Not sure it's going to be direct competition for C.O.D., think it's more of an overwatch type game. Now the playstation studio where Jason Blundell is at now, is likely to be a competitor.

neutralgamer199229d ago


It’s a sad day when we are hoping UBI of all companies to actually deliver quality games. I am not even a MP games fan but I rather support COD than UBI any day of the week. With their XP boosters in single player games

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Number1TailzFan31d ago

Good multiplayer games that have content updates every so often, or a lot of content to begin with don't need sequels every year, ones that have all that are good for a few years to keep you playing.

Michiel198930d ago

I payed so little attention to this franchise that I didn't even notice BO 3-5 had released

Storm2330d ago

Exactly what I said when I read the title hahaha