Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 review - a saga to be seen, not played - VideoGames

Senua’s Saga could have been a movie, but it fails as a video game.

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repsahj29d ago

That thumbnail image is the real meaning of psychosis.

Aloymetal29d ago

Big gums, small teeth...A deadly combo lol.

ravens5229d ago

"Fails as a VIDEO GAME** " Which it's supposed to be... Even in the perfect reviews they're putting gameplay on the back burner like THATS NOT WHAT ITS ABOUT 🤯. Make it make sense.

Abear2129d ago

I think it’s about nothing to play and a game drops with hardly any gameplay.

The3faces29d ago

I'm trying to make sense of why you're posting in literally every Hellblade 2 review thread SMH

ravens5229d ago

Because I don't like this practice. If it actually deserved a perfect score I wouldn't say anything except congratulations. But it doesn't and there's no integrity in lying about a game because of the platform it's on. Its corny. 10/10 on the 1st one when it was PS exclusive would have me trying to understand this as well. The Order 1886 one of my fav games on the PS4, I would not give that game a 10/10 it'd be a lie. 🤷🏽. Bothers me to the point where I comment on on the articles lmao. But in real life idc lmao, when I close YouTube or N4g or w.e. gaming website I'm on poof.

neutralgamer199229d ago

games need 2 things IMO

1- gameplay
2- Fun

sadly so many games are missing #2 a lot of times and now some are starting to miss #1 too

rlow128d ago

Have you played it? Just wondering. Judge it for yourself instead of letting others do the thinking for you.

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Profchaos29d ago

Gave it a try earlier today ok PC runs really well on my older 2070 card on high with dlss

it's actually good it's visually impressive but nothing we haven't seen before.

Play it for the visuals the rest wasn't for me the constant voices in your head sluggish pace just bored me I found it overly cinematic I understand if people's love it but it wasn't in my taste I still think it's a good game just one I won't return to

ravens5229d ago

Objectively, would you say it's a 10/10 perfect game?

Sonic188129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

After finishing it in 6 hours no. It's an linear experience but I thought the first game was better and longer. I still thought the first game was mediocre though. The best thing about this game is the graphics

Profchaos29d ago

Not in my tastes no. In my playtime it didn't deliver anything I found engaging it was just another game.

There's a certain type of person who this may appeal to but I'm not it and I feel like that's why the scores are so spread out the games story is hugely subjective it's delivery I found boring others may feel intrigued by

ThinkThink29d ago

Objectively, there is no such thing as a perfect game. Reviews are BS half the time across the board. The game is an 8/10 for me.

andy8529d ago

What sort of performance are you getting? I'm just finishing up the first one before I start it

Profchaos29d ago

I haven't looked at frame rates but it feels fluid in high like at least 60 with dlss I can't notice any issues or shader compilation stutter it's honestly one of the most polished PC launch games I've played lately which is a nice change

andy8529d ago

I have a mobile 4070. Nice to see I'll get good performance then. Probably 1080p maxed

Abear2129d ago

Don’t forget heard! I’m sure there are at least dozen or more guttural sad screams and rage fits. Just that face…hard pass.

MrWood29d ago

The first game had better gameplay including combat and puzzles, but this was the better cinematic experience. I played this in VR though with UEVR and this graphic fidelity made it super engrossing and was never bored that way.