Helldivers 2 players believe the game is losing players thanks to lack of variety

Helldivers 2 has been losing players and many claim that it is thanks to a lack of planet variety, too many gun nerfs, and a lack of new mission types.

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thorstein21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

That's a fair assessment. Games always have a decline in player base over time. But I've "done it all" in Helldivers. I played and we collectively beat back the automatons and the bugs.

The reward? "Nah, not really." It was that feeling of accomplishment that had kept me playing. I thought this game was different.

Then, I expected, as humanity won, I would encounter terminid and automaton planets where they battled each other. That would be fun.

The polar warbond did not match the trailer for the warbond. It wasn't much longer and I decided to play other games.


Nothing wrong with that and ita not like you can't come back to the game. I rotate the games I'm playing to avoid burnout (at least if their not story heavy) and get far more play time out of them.

(Also got to agree that the latest warbond and nerfs have hurt the game )

peppeaccardo20d ago

The real accomplishment in this game is to transform a sea of bugs into a nice marmelade or a platoon of robots into a landscape of broken toys, or to bring all ur comrades back to life as you, the last man standing, are bleeding from every hole in ur body and are running for ur life with no ammo left. There are many millions of other ways to feel the spine tickling under that sensation of ultimate joy .... so ... NO ... we re not done yet.
Over and out !

lodossrage21d ago

Lack of variety is part of it for sure.

Currently, the game doesn't even have everything from the first game. For example, where are the bosses like the first game had? Where are the super earth defense missions? How about the vehicles? Or the illuminate.

Everything I mentioned above are in the first game. Plus with this being a pvp game, more content is always needed

lodossrage21d ago

lol yeah I meant pve and said pvp by mistake. Thanks

Magatsuhi21d ago

To be fair, I don't think vehicles were in the game at launch. With that said, Hd2 became stale after a while, and for me, it was the gun nerfs that made the game begin to bore me. Then running the same missions over n over is what made me go back to ff14.

HD2 should have a co op campaign where you go through a map as a team fulfilling objectives with a small story being told with a boss at the end.

rippermcrip21d ago

You ran went back to an MMO where you pay $15 a month to do the same thing over n over?

Magatsuhi20d ago (Edited 20d ago )


You mean the mmo where you can craft, pvp, savage raids, potd dungeons, hoh, and level up many classes? That's doing the same for you?

You're delusional.

Forgot to mention bozja and eureka. Anyone that thinks this game is doing the same thing over n over like HD2 is a moron.

ThinkThink21d ago

The upside to a gaas is that you can jump back into it every year and see what’s new. The devs sound passionate about it and its future. I can imagine this game almost feeling like a new game in 3-4 years.

JEECE21d ago

Lol people are leaving the game because it isn't enough of a live service. Everyone hates the terms "live service" and "games as a service," but the chief complaints about/reasons for leaving multiplayer games you hear are that there weren't enough updates/new maps/new guns/new skins.

Unfortunately people have had their minds so warped by mobile game style grinding that they can't just play a multiplayer game to have fun anymore.

Magatsuhi20d ago

From what I've read, it seems the main reason people are leaving is because of balancing issues. People are not happy with the amount of nerfing the weapons have undergone. Everytime something is viable it gets whittled down so as a result, the warbonds are no longer a thing to get excited about. Lack of variety with the armor stats, there is no uniqueness to armor sets so its essentially a poor man's fashionsets.

Not to mention that there are still a number of bugs that plague the game. It appears the dev team cannot keep up with balancing the game and releasing content so everything is mediocre or underpowered.

They need to abandon their commitment to monthly releases and focus on releasing good content at a lower frequency.

DustMan21d ago

After buying all the stratagems, ship modules, and lackluster warbonds. I do feel the monotony. Still very fun when you have a group of friends together. I used to run plenty of missions with Random matchmaking and had a good time, but that seems to be winding down. I pretty much log in daily just to complete the personal orders for the 15 bonds you get, The game just needs more content. A new enemy species, and some vehicle would bring folk back quick. Like the article said. These DLC warbonds are pretty awful. I have them all and still just run with the Breaker or sickle because they are just best all around. The only 2 pieces of new kit that are useful in my opinion have been the grenade pistol, and incendiary impact.

ravens5221d ago

I have almost 200hrs in that game. I'm playing Stellar Blade and FF Reunion then finishing Rebirth. I want the Illuminate. I was thinking bout playing it yesterday but ye I think it needs some different things other than weapons. New enemies and missions. I'd also LOVE if they put bosses in it, thatd be super dope.

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