Sony Clarifies Surprising '17 Million PSN Users' Stat

Sony may now advertise that it has 17 million registered PlayStation Network accounts, but that Xbox-Live-sized stat provoked new questions and skepticism that a Sony rep answered for us (mtv videogames blog) today.


The Sony 17 million stat first popped up at CES and immediately drew a parallel to the 17 million Xbox Live users recently claimed by Microsoft.

Sony's 17 million returned in the press release MTV Multiplayer received yesterday, a release stuffed with impressive numbers that confirm PSN to be a well-stocked and actively used service.

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PPnoPP4537d ago

How the hell have they got 17 million PSN users when they haven't even sold that many consoles? What i want to know is does these numbers just pop out of their ass.

rucky4537d ago

Answer: Read the article

cellypower4537d ago

So why should we believe you?

Why dis4537d ago

Thats what I thought when I read about it the first time.

Isn't PS3 almost 10 million behind the 360(over 9 million)

IzKyD13314537d ago

@why dis

PS3 is about 7 mil behind

BLaZiN PRopHeT4537d ago

The ps3 is 8 million behind the 360.

PirateThom4537d ago

The PS3 is about 5 million behind the 360.

TheColbertinator4537d ago

The PS3 is about 4 million behind the 360 ^__^

Mr_Zkaar4537d ago

We'll thats another Xbot myth out the way, PSN is a success, 17 Million online from just over 20 million sold, that's good conversion rates.

UnSelf4537d ago

the ps3 is 3 million behind 360

4537d ago
UnSelf4537d ago

im guessing its multiple accounts on one master.

then again i should just read the article

Lonely Hunter4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

The PS3 is about 2 million behind the 360

Guitarded4537d ago

The PS3 is 7,859,472 behind the 360. Wait now it's 7,859,493. No, now it's....

earwax4537d ago

And the PSP...............Nice spin Sony

ravinshield4537d ago

there's 17 million retards in the planet

Panthers4537d ago

That is the number of Live users, so yea I agree

goflyakite4536d ago

The PS3 is about 2 million ahead of the 360

lol @ Panthers

Kleptic4536d ago

thats right Ravenshield...there are 17 million retards 'in' the planet...they are inside of it, er something...retarding each other underground...who is the fecking retard again?

San anto4536d ago

"there's 17 million retards in the planet."

Its ON the planet not IN.
Try learning retard.

/Grammar Nazi rant.

360 man4536d ago

i had special word from sony that the ps3 was actually ahead of the 360

with 30 million sold

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Powertesties4537d ago

There are many PS3 owners, me included. Not only that but the service is FREE. In hard economic times, free is GREAT news!

Why dis4537d ago

Did you fucin read the text?

Silellak4537d ago

Seriously, dude, read the article before commenting.

This was about how Sony counts people who register on their website to just to post on the forums, as well as PSP owners who may not be PS3 owners.

For instance, I have a PSN account, but not a PS3. I am certain I am not alone.

Please refrain from posting random pro-Sony (or for that matter, pro-ANYONE), crap that has little relevance to the article in the future, eh?

CaseyRyback_CPO4537d ago

"..the fact that PSN accounts (like Xbox Live accounts) could be registered online without a console and that those accounts were needed.."

Bnet3434537d ago

I knew it was too good to be true because There was no way that 90% of PS3's sold were online and playing.

GWAVE4537d ago

Microsoft counts XbLIVE Silver accounts in their numbers for total LIVE users, yet we all know that a Silver member isn't an actual LIVE user since you cannot do anything except purchase content. I don't see why Sony is taking so much flak for this. They said PSN users. Show me the part where they said "PSN PS3 users". If you took it the wrong way, that's your fault, not Sony's. Unlike Microsoft's console gaming division, their services cover more than just the PS3.

Silellak4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

I'm not even comparing PSN to Live in this case, just explaining to Captain First Poster that the PS3's popularity has little to do with the point of this article.

I agree that it's silly to harp on Sony, since they weren't really THAT misleading. It is common in this industry to make impressive/true sounding statements that are less impressive upon closer examination - everyone does it. To people who don't understand that PSN or XBL accounts can be created without a console, it will sound impressive. Everyone else will know better.

scottmichael4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )


microsofts statement says "14 million PAID subscribers"

how does that include silver? you see the key word right?

why did only 3mill people download home, but 17mill are online, and you chimps think its not including multi users

i have 7 maiN accounts, not sub accounts, so that counts as 7 towards sony stats...

GWAVE4537d ago

@ scott michael

Okay, so they mentioned paid. That's terrific. They hadn't done that in the past.

jwatt4537d ago

I think it's just a miscommunication because PSN does not stand for ps3 network but Playstation network where the psp and ps3 are all connected to it. Although we would love Sony to just focuse on the ps3 they've always try to make sure they mention all three of thier products as one familly "playstation". I don't think we will really know the number of actually ps3 users but we know it's not 17 million.

socomnick4537d ago

Those silver members are also a great source of revenue for MS. Those silver members purchase tv shows, rent movies, and buy dlc.

littletad4536d ago

I have this crazy theory that some people on here actually care about their bubbles so much their willing to praise strange and awkward harmonies or do the opposite to counter negative articles on a particular system; in hopes that the majority Sony fans on here will increase bubble share. I know it sounds far off, but it's hard to deny when many turn a 180 on their attitudes and view in the blink of an eye. And this comment is by no means pointed at Power, I just mean in general. I do agree his comment had little to do with the article.

Sarcasm4536d ago

And another thing Sony isn't track very well, is that people has made accounts for overseas. I'm not sure how many Europeans has made an American account or vice versa. I expect the actual number of PSN users to be 50% (or less). Who will ever really know.

All I KNOW is that if MS has 14 million PAID subscribers, then they are making a killing off XBL.

Silellak4536d ago

It's not a crazy theory at all. In fact, that's basically how N4G rolls these days. One of the big reasons I don't really comment all that much anymore.

Still, I can and (obviously) will mock them for it.

Kushan4536d ago

Christ, you'd think some of you lived in a bubble all your lives.
Get this: Companies LOVE good statistics and they'll spin whatever statistics they have to make things sound good. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, they all do it and any time one of them mentions a statistic, you should have the sense to take it with a grain of salt.

pixelsword4536d ago

I'm actually curious now.

freeblue4536d ago

well guess what.. Microsoft does the same thing. I just bought a Xbox360 for my bro last xmas. and when I went to register Live with my hotmail. it said I already have gamertag which is the same one I used for my Zune player.

Lord Vader4536d ago

"The PSN numbers (17M and 2.1M) include people who have created accounts on PS3, the Web site and PSP. Note that since the implementation of single sign-on, PSN ID and PlayStation Underground IDs (which were often created at the same time when first making a PSN ID) were automatically merged and rolled over. Additionally, since PSN is a free online gaming service, some households create multiple IDs....."

prowiew4536d ago

Ive said this before. That they were counting ps3,psp and web. And someone here at n4g accused me to being a fanboy. But what the hell. This is n4g. Thats the fun.

Mu5afir4536d ago

It states PSN users, it doesn't matter if it's PS3 / PSP or PS Website.. since the stat Sony stated was PSN <-- Notice, that has NOTHING TO DO WITH the PS3. Reading comprehension people, some of you really need to READ. Take your OWN advice, before commenting!

Ju4536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

BTW "Home". First, Home is rated. My two kids can't use it. I have 2 machines, 4 accounts. Are the other 3 lesser accounts or what ? I mean, if all of us 4 play Warhawk, what's that, one or 4 users ?

I would download Home once (!) for all 4 accounts. Does it mean, the other 3 can't use it ? So, we got two cases here. a) some people (kids) just can't use home, so no point downloading it. b) Even if you have multiple accounts, you would download it once (!) not for each account.

And, actually, there is a 3rd case, I have 2 machines, downloaded it twice, but it accounts for one download (because I used the same account).

So, to make it short, # Home downloads say sh!t about how many people use PSN.

likedamaster4536d ago

“The PSN numbers (17M and 2.1M) include people who have created accounts on PS3, the Web site and PSP. Note that since the implementation of single sign-on, PSN ID and PlayStation Underground IDs (which were often created at the same time when first making a PSN ID) were automatically merged and rolled over. Additionally, since PSN is a free online gaming service, some households create multiple IDs so that a father can keep a separate list of friends, trophies and stats from that of his daughter for example.”

Exact quote from Sony via blog.

N4360G4536d ago

Impressive numbers,good job SONY!!

edgeofblade4536d ago


That is why this question had to be asked. Sony wasn't exactly forthcoming with that data initially. It was misleading, and someone called them on it.

Now, on the other hand, I'd like both MS and Sony to clarify their numbers further, as in how many PS3 users and how many XBL Gold users.

Thugbot1874536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

Perfect reason why I have issues with so many people on this site. Low IQ or maybe they been drink too much of the dirty water in FallOut3?

You got to factor not all people will play there games online and this is true for XBL. So if you have and account for every console sold that seems a bit unbelievable.

With PSN its kind of Sad that's all they have when you factor they included PS3, and PSP (Because the combined total of the two are well above the number of consoles the 360 has sold.)

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badboy8084537d ago

the ps3 has already passed the 20million mark. so the PS3 is about 7million behind the 360. Which is very good considering they have a higher price point and came out year later.

Foxgod4537d ago

You must be giggling while saying that to yourself.

PimpDaddy4536d ago

Last time I checked The PS1 and PS2 both sold over 100 million consoles during thier lifespan. In fact in 8 years the PS2 has sold over 140 million and counting since July of last year. Which is an average of 17.5 million a year

So how the f*ck do you explain 18 million PS3's sold in 2 years. Which averages out to 9 million PS3's a year.

The PS3 is selling at half of the rate of either the PS2 or PS1 ever did. Stop making excuses and accept reality. PS3 is doomed to last place this generation. They wont catch up to either the 360 or Wii before the next generation starts.

Would you like a tissue now?

NickIni4536d ago

So what.

Sales = insignificant numbers fanboys pretend to understand to gain a "one up" over the other side of fanboys.

WeaseL4537d ago

So if you got 1 PS3 and 2 kids everyone gets to play online free unlike the 360 when you need multiple gold accounts.

littletad4536d ago

Hard to argue that point, though my cousins never had a problem signing in as Live Guest when playing a game or so.

ambientFLIER4536d ago

No. Most games will let you sign in guests, or they can just use the one account.

ultimolu4536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

*sigh* Wrong reply. >.>

baodeus4536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

I guess you create multiple gold accounts. Never heard of signing in as guess? You only need one person with the gold account, the rest can sign in as guess like Halo3. However, guess can not participate in rank matches.

Why did littletad & ambientFLIER get disagree when what they said is true unless people here have never use xboxlive?

tda-danny4536d ago

It's spelt guest. If your going to sass the guy, atleast use the right word...

Ju4536d ago

"Guest". This would be hilarious to see my two kids fight over their "achievements", then. Or save data, for what it's worth.

7h3ultim8p004536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

tda-danny you should take your own advice. If you are going to call somebody out on their spelling errors, don't make any grammatical errors either.

Helghast4536d ago

He said if you got 2 KIDS! If he has 2 kids, what is he gonna do? Let 1 kid have achievements and save-data, and make the other kid always play as a guest and not get any achievements and not be able to save games?!

You people need to work on reading comprehension! He said 2 kids, as in 2 people that live in your household. He did NOT say "my kid and his friend".

ambientFLIER4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

Xbox live has nothing to do with saving games and getting achievements. Those are profiles. You can have more than one.

Helghast4535d ago

My mistake, I meant online-saves like multiplayer rank. XBL stats are linked to profiles and so are some achievements like the Gears 2 ones.

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Foxgod4537d ago

Hum, not suprising, its Sony, they have done their share of spinning in the past.
Like the target renders.

Kyur4ThePain4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

you broken record.


I have a PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, 2 PSPs, a PC (media server), another PC (HTPC), an iMac, 2 MacBooks and busy building a Linux box. So don't tell me I need to get a PC.
You, my friend, need to look past your 360 and Windows world and realize what you're missing.
Trust me, there is no spot for you to hit.
Your target render argument is just sad, old and about to be shattered come February.

Foxgod4537d ago

Did i hit a sensitive spot ?
That means you have complications somewhere, i would suggest a change.
Like a change of console, or a nice PC.
That should ease your mind.

Mr_Zkaar4537d ago

Your getting desperate now, your running out of things to dis about the PS3.

Foxgod4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

I am not dissing the ps3, i am stating that sony spins reality.
Seriously, you behave like an ethnic minority who constantly jumps in defense.

@edit at below.
Lol reported for what ?
@ edit at even lower.

If you would have a decent pc, you would actually notice vista runs better then xp on high ends.
They just released vista too early.
Xp reacts slow as hell compared to vista and cant handle SSD's properly, logically cause its older.

People should just stop installing vista on their dodgy 1.5ghz pc's with 1gb of ram.
Thats like playing your next gen system on a black and white tv.

DeZimatoR4537d ago

You mean that one from 2005 that they surpassed?


Darkseider4537d ago

And Microsoft doesn't spin reality?! Have you seen what they have been calling an operating system?! Now that there is truly spinning reality!

Bathyj4537d ago

How is this a spin?

They reported PSN users. Playstation Network. I naturally assummed that included PSP's, why wouldn't it.

And as for the trailer that you just wont let go of nearly 4 years later (Geeze, people get over divorses and deaths in the family quicker), maybe you should do some reading.

"The E3 2005 trailer was not false. One confused Sony rep claimed it was a movie from the game engine - one guy blitzed out of his mind on fatigue, jet-lag and the madness that is E3. One guy not at all affiliated with Guerrilla Games - probably with a head full of 30 different titles," said "EON", a member of Guerrilla Games.

"Everyone else named the E3 2005 video for what it was - a target render of what we thought would be possible on the PS3. Something we would be aiming for. Then, during E3 2007, in front of the majority of the gaming journalist press, we released a trailer of Pre-Alpha code running and demonstrated a playable Killzone 2 that stunned the industry."

Just google Killzone 2 and jetlag if you dont believe me, and let go of the lies.

Sarcasm4536d ago

"Did i hit a sensitive spot ? "

Killzone 2 has been hitting sensitive Xbox fans mighty hard since it's been announced.

but but but teh 2005 trailerrrrrrrrrRRRrRrRRRRRrrR