Unfortunately, Ninja Theory Isn't Actually Safe From Microsoft

Ninja Theory might have games in the pipeline, but that doesn't mean Xbox won't close it for no reason

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rlow130d ago

Alot of speculation on their part. Ninja Theory has two games that have been green lighted and are in the works. Yes it’s always a possibility they could be closed but no matter how you feel about the Senua games. They do make a quality game. I personally think MS is going lay low for a bit, after the firestorm they experienced last week.

darthv7229d ago

I really hope one of them is a long awaited sequel of heavenly sword or enslaved. Both are good games that deserve a 2nd chance... or at least a reboot.

blackblades29d ago

I'm 100% doubt its heavenly sword for obvious reason and Enslave 99% doubt it.

romulus2329d ago

"Sony Computer Entertainment retains the intellectual property of Heavenly Sword", so that's not happening. Sony should let Santa Monica Studios make a Heavenly Sword sequel.

Rynxie29d ago

Santa Monica is a great studio, but I would rather the minds behind the original make it (ninja theory). I never liked sequels that were done by someone else, they are usually never as good as the original.

rlow129d ago

Enslaved would be awesome. If they did a remaster, then the next game in the series…..one can hope.

Yui_Suzumiya29d ago

Hopefully they'd get Evan Wells back for a sequel to Enslaved. After the original Enslaved he went on to Naughty Dog and did The Last of Us.

neutralgamer199229d ago


HS IP is owned by sony and enslaved sold so poorly that you want a sequel now? let's say a sequel is made and sells like the first than this studio is for sure shut down. Their next game needs to be a big hit(if there is a next game)


that's not how business works, if a studio needs to go it will go whether ot not that will come with negative PR. They just spent 100 billion and now they are in the phase to find out which studios will survive and which needs to go to cut costs. NT let a huge opportunity slip away, they had the backing of MS and the sequel has even less gameplay, that makes zero sense

Chevalier29d ago

How?! Sony owns one IP and Bandai owns the other one

Plague-Doctor2729d ago

Heavenly Sword IP is owned by Sony and Enslaved IP is owned by Namco Bandai

Hellblade was the only IP that Ninja Theory themselves owned when MS acquired them

Sonic188129d ago

Heavenly Sword or Enslaved didn't sell that well

Cacabunga28d ago

NT completely lost it since dmc, their
last good game to date! And has been a long time since.
An average studio at best, got lured by MS money and forgot to improve

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Rynxie29d ago

They make quality games, but they're usually hit or miss. Either they are average, or they are awesome. However, besides heavenly sword and DMC, they aren't big sellers either. Ms is as big of a corporation as it gets. If ninja theory isn't making them money, they will shut them down. Simple as that.

MrDead29d ago

Studio survival no matter who is reliant on MS's quarterly reports, if MS is looking to save money then studios like Ninja Theory are gone as we've seen with Tango and others. MS has their IP's, the devs mean nothing to them but a handy tool to balance the books with layoffs.

DarXyde29d ago

Eh, maybe. Microsoft seems like a phenomenally wealthy company that's (generally) wise with how they handle their finances. What they're not wise with is how they spend social capital. As soon as they get it, they spend it by doing something nefarious. Can't say they're the only ones of course.

Will they get rid of Ninja Theory? No earthly idea. Honestly, I have a hard time even speculating about it because we don't have any details on performance metrics. If I had to guess... And really, this is is a guess... It's just about engagement. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. If you've got a popular mobile game or MTX-heavy multiplayer game, you're safe. King and Activision aren't going anywhere. Even if player count tapers off, MTX keep them in the game as a form of engagement.

But then you've got single player games. I suspect that's a losing battle because single player games, unfortunately don't get long term engagement broadly. So games launching half baked is perhaps a strategy for the studios themselves to get people coming back to their games? It would make some sense, but it doesn't match with studios being surprised at the closures.

All of this to say, we'll just have to wait and see. The simplest explanation with the most streamlined thinking on the matter is just that they're getting rid of studios they see as dead weight in the long run. HFR was quite well received, but I guess it doesn't translate into happy investors because it's critical acclaim and not commercial success exactly. Bethesda isn't going anywhere. Making very long RPGs kind of saves you automatically in terms of engagement.

But on the other side of this, while studios don't close per se, nothing stops them or any other company from just cutting the work force within each studio.

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Einhander197229d ago

It's not for no reason.

The reason is they made two games that were underwhelming (Bleeding Edge) and didn't/aren't going to grow the user base for game pass.

They spent 5-7 years and this was what they produced, it's easy to see how they would be on the short list for termination at this point.

Sciurus_vulgaris29d ago

One thing to point out was that all the recently closed studios were under Bethesda. Before being purchased by MS, Bethesda had a slew of poor or under performing titles (Evil Within 2, Prey (2017), Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Young Blood, and initially Fallout 76 ). I don’t think, Ghost Wire Tokyo, Deathloop, Redfall and sadly even High-Fi: Rush performed well after the buyout.

Einhander197229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I bet this game with a 5-7 year dev cycle being launched directly onto game pass is going to generate less tangible cash profit than any of those games.

I'm sure Microsoft will brag about players or sword swings or some other pointless statistic, but those don't make cash money.

Chevalier28d ago

You do realize it took 3 platforms and like 2 years to sell 1 million for Hellblade 1 right? Added in 3 more platforms and it didn't move much.

Now cut our 4 platforms. How many copies do you think this will sell?! Not just played on Gamepass

Lightning7729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Apparently Ninja Theory is safe From being closed down https://www.gamespot.com/ar...

Already working on a new game. They are a 80 person team and relatively inexpensive I suppose to any other publisher


Yeaah sorry this is MS, I don't believe anything MS says. They have to be joking if they think anyone will believe them besides gullible Xbox fanboys. Once again MS needs to earn my trust back. Just when they earn some trust back, they always seem to destroy it and have to work to get it back. I still think they're getting shut down and canceling whatever game they're making because the game won't sell, again MS fault for not advertising it.. This company man...


the article talks about that to i recommend checking it out when you get a chance.

romulus2329d ago

Tango was probably working on something new as well.

outsider162429d ago

The problem with this game probably not selling will be because of Gamepass. Every comment i see from xbox players are "dude, no need to buy this amazing game, just get it on gamepass"

Will it sell well based on word of mouth? Will they release it on ps5? Will ps players buy this game vs free on gamepass? Time will tell.

JBlaze22629d ago

Look at what happened to Hi Fi Rush.The game was sold on PS5 and didn't sell well.

JBlaze22629d ago

I mean Sony has done worst and no one speaks up about it.

outsider162429d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Well i dont know about hi fi rush..as i didnt buy it. I mean others are getting it on gamepass..so ill just wait it for psplus. Im guessing others are doing the same..soo..

Sure Sony has done it too..and people are vocal about it. Look at the helldivers fiasco for example..they got called out.

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Knightofelemia29d ago

I don't see Microsoft shutting off the lights to Ninja Theory. As a studio they actually have talent and have released some decent games. I love Enslaved maybe a sleeper hit but it's one of my favorites. Only way I see Microsoft shutting off the lights is if Ninja Theory releases games that sink faster then a lead weight. And there are fans of Ninja Theory one thing I would hate to see is Ninja Theory ending up like Bioware. Loosing all their talent and being a former shell of what they use to be.

Elda29d ago

Never say never. Tango Gameswork were just as talented as Ninja Theory & they were shut down.

darthv7229d ago

And they were also under Bethesda... Ninja Theory is not.