The full version of "Consortium" VR and remastered is now available for PC

"The British Columbia-based (Canada) indie games developer Interdimensional Games Inc., today announced with great delight and thrill that the full version (v1.0) of "CONSORTIUM VR" and "CONSORTIUM Remastered", is now available for PC via Steam and the Meta Quest store." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Consortium: The Tower Interview | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "Consortium: The Tower is a single player first-person sim with RPG elements designed to let players decide the outcome through their choices and actions. The team caught up with Greg MacMartin, CEO and Creative Director of Interdimensional Games, or iDGi for short to talk about the recent crowdfunding efforts leading up to the current Fig campaign, its inspirations and highlighting what gamers can expect from this truly ambitious project."

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Can't wait to play this game


Need a New Game to Play This Weekend? Consortium is Free on Steam All Weekend

OnlySP: Interdimensional Games are feeling a little generous this weekend ahead of the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for Consortium: The Tower.


It's High Flying in Consortium

Taylor Woolstenhulme writes: "When Consortium first launched last January, it was rather rough. I had purchased it the day it came out, and my initial reactions were those of dismay. It was very glitchy, prone to crashing at random, and there were some very aggravating performance issues. It took me around twenty minutes for the game to load after I launched it, an additional fifteen minutes to create a new file, and ten minutes to save that file. Half of the time, the game would crash as soon as I opened my inventory. The rest of the time, it would crash as soon as I closed my inventory. After a few hours of attempting to play the game, I gave up. But to Interdimensional Games' credit, they didn't abandon the game. They worked hard to patch the glitches, fix the crashes, and optimize it. When I returned to Consortium two months after it had launched, it felt like an entirely different game."