Hunt: Showdown Upgrade to CryEngine 5.11 That Ends Support for Last-Gen Drops Aug. 15

The Hunt: Showdown upgrade to CryEngine 5.11 drops this Aug. 15! Players can expect "a mountain of new content" throughout summer of 2024.

RaidenBlack32d ago

Can't wait ... the already good lookin' game'll look even better!


Hunt: Showdown Is The PvP Masterpiece You're Looking For

Despite its server issues, UI problems, and high-rank toxicity, when you look at what it gets right, Hunt: Showdown is a masterpiece.

JEECE16d ago

Never understood the praise for this game. While I'm sure it feels better with mouse and keyboard, on console the controls are clunky and unsatisfying, the gameplay loop is repetitive, and you spend an inordinate amount of time in menus and loading screens. There are also like 3-4 in game currency systems, and the game is loaded with microtransactions (which of course Crytek gets a pass on because they aren't EA or Ubisoft).


Crytek Interview - Hunt Showdown's Success and How It Has Evolved | MP1st

MP1st talks to Crytek about Hunt: Showdown's success, future title updates, inspiration behind weapons and more.


Hunt Showdown: Crytek Says Success Is Due to Listening to Community and Reacting Quick to Feedback

Hunt Showdown's success and longevity is due to the devs listening to the community, title updates and reacting to feedback, says Crytek.

RaidenBlack200d ago

Hunt: Showdown is really underrated ...
Crytek has done fantastic job with the development and support

PrinceOfAnger200d ago

Good, listen to the community with Crysis 4 too and make something like the original game and warhead in terms of interactivity and destruction/ physics etc
why not combine all things from the series with one open world game?
and don't forget the bow!

SIdepocket200d ago

So in other words, the opposite of the approach taken by the Last Year developers.