XDefiant players are unable to play the game as Ubisoft's COD beater finally goes live

The game goes live, the servers go down, a story as old as time.

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TrueRican6932d ago

F*** this company they always doing some b*******

SegaSaturn66932d ago

Ok hold on, how do we know this hurdle isn't part of the game experience? Ubisoft kinect might blow your mind.

Giga_Gaia32d ago

Or if you weren't living under a rock, you'd have realized by now that every online games launch like this.

Inverno32d ago

Just cause every online game is busted on release doesn't mean every online game has to be busted on release. You're still right tho

ElaBosak31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Which big multiplayer games launches perfectly at launch hour?

RhinoGamer8832d ago

I will not bash until a week from now. Funny story about this, I interviewed for a contract gig with the production team in 2022. On the interview group call were three 20 something women, super nice but very green. The lead of the team was a guy my age, I like the work...but it seemed a painful gig to manage.

BlackDoomAx31d ago

Come play the Finals instead :)

Abear2131d ago

Dumb to log in day one, dumb to play anything day one anymore.

Games are cheaper and better a couple months after launch, that’s just the way it is now.

ElaBosak31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It's a free game. Also day one is fine in the game. Only the first hour or so was busted. This article is clickbaiting.


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