Exodus Could Tell a Sci-Fi Story That Starfield and Mass Effect Never Attempted

The Nerd Stash: "Archetype Entertainment has big plans for Exodus, including bending time in ways that not even Starfield or Mass Effect attempted."

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EXODUS Sci-Fi AAA RPG Will Be Co-Developed by Certain Affinity

EXODUS was one of the most interesting game reveals at The Game Awards 2023. It is the debut project of Archetype Entertainment, an Austin-based studio helmed by former BioWare legend James Ohlen (who worked on classics like the first Baldur's Gate games, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Dragon Age: Origins) and owned by Wizards of the Coast. Shortly after its foundation, the studio was joined by another ex BioWare veteran: writer Drew Karpyshyn, known mostly as the lead writer of the acclaimed first two Mass Effect games.

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SimpleSlave125d ago

AAA RPG? How quaint. Call me when the fourth A makes its appearance. Otherwise, YAWN!

phoenixwing124d ago

Foolish person I only play 5A games. Your 4A is laughable.

SimpleSlave124d ago

While 5A games are just a bit too wild for me...for now, at $70 plus tax for the broken base game, an extra $200+ for the complete experience plus a year of patches to fix all of it, AAAA games are just right. Perfect experience if you ask me.

But Triple A games? LOL! What am I? A pleb? As if...


New PS5 RPG Exodus brings choices that will effect you for “centuries”

Upcoming PS5 and Xbox RPG Exodus will take players through time in an epic sci-fi story and your choices could have massive ripple effects.

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shinoff2183161d ago

I hope they get this good cause the trailer was pretty damn interesting. Maybe it wasn't a trailer it was something on it I watched. Anyway looked damn good

Hofstaderman160d ago

The trailer had me hooked. Will wait on reviews though.

EvertonFC159d ago

I won't wait for reviews as there BS these days but I'll certainly need to see some 15 mins walkthrough gameplay before I decide.
The games looks promising as fu*k

Hofstaderman159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

OG Mass Effect dev team members too...

159d ago
jznrpg160d ago

Hope they do this well. Definitely interested but I need to see the final product

cloganart160d ago

From OG Mass Effect devs? Sign me up!

Stanjara160d ago

Here we go again... fist a trillion stars... now a trillion years.

Inverno160d ago

The last time I was fooled into believing that a game takes place in the span of a large amount of time was with FF15, and it ended up being a time skip straight to the ending boss. Then we're gaslit into believing that our high expectations weren't the result of hype.

porkChop160d ago

I remember Driver: Parallel Lines actually did the time skip pretty well. You start in the 70s, go to prison after a while, and then the final 3rd of the game is in the 00s with modern cars and buildings. It would be nice to see that more in games.

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Mass Effect veteran’s space RPG has multiple endings spanning "years, decades, and even centuries"

More details on the newly-revealed Exodus

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Eonjay160d ago

Oh I didn't realize this was done by Mass Effect vets!