Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Review - Game Critics

Mike writes "Given that this is their first release since the Microsoft acquisition, I credit Hellblade II for not feeling compromised by corporate interests, but that only makes it more baffling that it lacks any real vision that I was able to discern. It’s not an offensively bad experience, and yet I can only offer one of the most damning criticisms imaginable – I have no idea why it was made."

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Lightning7730d ago

I guess we're doing that one thing where y'all ignore the high scores and flock to the low scores right?

Pretend they're not there.

lodossrage30d ago

No different than any other game. It's not something exclusive to Hellblade 2

Sonic188130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I think the high scores and low scores are equal. But for a game that's been in development for 7 years I would have thought it would have gotten higher review scores. But I realized I thought the first game was a mediocre walking simulator with a few combat sections with beautiful graphics. Let's be honest was the first game better than the sequel 🤔

neutralgamer199230d ago


High or low scores we all expected and wanted this game to be great. With MS recourses, new engine and a lot more time to develop and this is what they have show for it ?

I don’t blame MS like I said before. They gave them support , resources, time and new engine to work on to so it’s on the developers. A game could miss on a lot of aspects and we can work around it but when GAMEPLAY is weak in a game that’s just absurd

InUrFoxHole30d ago

Yeah both sides do it lol. It's just a troll thing.

Kyizen30d ago

See the thing is, Paper Mario is scoring better that says it all

Reaper22_30d ago

Of course. Not surprised by that. That's why it's hard to this N4G serious.

Charlieboy33330d ago

The same thing happened with Stellar Blade....mainly the negative reviews got the attention on here. Except we didn't whine like little bitches about it.

F0XH0UND92230d ago

There are quite a lot of low scores. Sorry dude

mudakoshaka29d ago

The high scores have apparently been bought. The reviews giving it 8, 9, or 10 are focusing on the graphics. Going by that notion, The Matrix Awakening tech demo also deserves a high score.

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Lightning7730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"I think the high scores and low scores are equal."

I counted 15 or so high scores could. Be more as I type this I haven't counted the low scores maybe 4 or 5 but it's far less (here anyway.) on N4G it's definitely not equal. Again as I type this.

You're dodging you and many here are picking the low scoring article and over exaggerate how "bad it is" while ignoring the high scores. Sensationalize the low scoring articles and pretending the high scoring ones don't exist. How bout actually read the high scores and see what they like it about the game. There's like 14 or 15 High scores. Instead of looking for the bad on purpose and say yes the game is bad all around. Don't play the ignorant game.

darthv7230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Just curious where you draw the line between what is a low score and high score? 5 is the typical mid-way point between 1-10 so looking at it here like that, the majority of scores (somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+) are above 6 and the rest are at 5 or below.

badkolo30d ago

did he even play it to say the first was better, why dont people go play the game then say what they want

LoveSpuds29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I am here just to enjoy the likes of Lightning and Obscure loose their marbles trying to defend MS.

My personal take, as someone who hasn't played the game yet, is that the game looks good but it's isn't the home run MS and its extreme fringe fans were claiming it would be over the last 2 years.

This review seems harsh, but I love to see certain users getting all worked up 😅

darthv7230d ago

This is their second release post-acquisition. Bleeding Edge came out in 2020.

lodossrage30d ago

Why are people disagreeing?

Bleeding Edge was the first game they released after Microsoft bought them.

Come on, someone of you disagree just for the sake of disagreeing.

Xeofate30d ago

Oh, I forgot about that game.

Probably better not to bring it up, it only adds credibility to the idea they might get shut down.

Jingsing30d ago

Definitely a lot of 5/10's coming out that seem to be getting suppressed from Metacritic, power of Microsoft.

darthv7230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Its 82 on OpenCritic (as of now)... are they suppressing scores too?

Sonic188130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

81 on metacritic.com with 77 reviews. I don't think they're suppressing scores but I do realize that some of the review scores hasn't been posted on metacritic.com yet

Lightning7730d ago

Yeah hardly. Those 5's are the at the top of the this page because that's what ppl are flocking to the most. Meanwhile the high scores are getting ignored and glossed over because ppl here want this game to be disappointing.

Twitter seems to highlight a more fair light. It seems to be more positive surrounding the game, while not perfect ppl seem to like it and no I'm ignoring ppl like Colt eastwood who probably gave it a 10 knowing how he is.

The score will seem to stay around 81 82 score

repsahj29d ago

Atleast Gollum has a real review scores. XD