Madison VR Review - Control Crippled Creeps | COGconnected

Smooth controls and an improved inventory system would make Madison VR a definite contender for the title of the scariest horror game ever.

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Babadook725d ago

The VR version might be too scary

DaleCooper25d ago

That's the problem I have. I love VR, but VR horror games are difficult for me to get through.


MADiSON VR Review - Thumb Culture

MADiSON VR is a VR port of the 2022 first-person psychological horror puzzle game, MADiSON by Bloodious Games.

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PSVR 2 Trophies: MADiSON VR

Bloodious Games' psychological horror MADiSON VR is out now for PSVR 2, with 31 terrifying trophies to collect.

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MADiSON VR PSVR 2 Review - Console Obsession

Console Obsession says: "MADiSON made its debut in 2022 and quickly gained scientific acclaim as the most terrifying game ever created. This assessment stemmed from a study measuring the heart rates of 200 participants who had experienced over 45 different horror games, with MADiSON averaging a heart rate of 97 beats per minute while playing. The release of this VR version may very well exceed this threshold, as any aficionado of horror games in VR can attest—there's an unparalleled intensity to the fear experienced in virtual reality."

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