Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 review - featuring the best console graphics ever | Metro

Metro writes: "And yet, as astounding as the graphics are the game never really finds anything interesting to do with them and a large percentage of the game is just slowly walking forward while listening to the Furies and/or your various companions. It’s not quite a walking simulator but it’s not far off."

__y2jb22d ago

Another Xbox flop to add to the list. At this point there needs to be an acknowledgment that Xbox is incapable of managing studios and producing good games. They haven’t produced a classic game in over 10 years.

MagUk22d ago

Who the hell is getting there games reviews from the Metro 😂

Cacabunga22d ago

Hate it or love it it seems like.. very basic gameplay with nothing new.
Pass on PS5 as well for me

__y2jb22d ago

Metro gaming is what became of game central which is what became of Digitizer. It has a legacy going back over 30 years.

Profchaos21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Anyone looking for a strong reason to bash Xbox or gamepass.

I love Sony I don't own or want a Xbox but the bias of these submissions is basically Orchy/ obscure level

GamingSinceForever22d ago

It’s a flop only because they took a niche game and tried making it seem bigger than it is. I don’t think XBOX should be blamed for mismanaging this studio, because again the game is simply a sequel to an already niche game.It is exactly what we thought it would be and that isn’t a bad thing, unless you already had it in your mind that you were going to crap in it no matter what.

Einhander197222d ago

But they have a long history of doing what you are giving them a pass for.

It's not like this is a one off issue.

Reaper22_22d ago

Nice try but the game is far from a flop.

Blastoise22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

In my opinion Ninja Theory are wasted on Hellblade. Their best game was DmC, regardless of the backlash. Assuming Microsoft don't close them down I'd love for them to return to proper action games

Cacabunga22d ago

Yes.. like I said they could become Bluepoint Games of action games.. a bit the Platinum Games of the west.

DMC is a great game. Actually my only DMC platinum trophy

Moegooner22d ago

AMEN. You nailed it tbh. It was such an entertaining game. They really excel, when they don't take themselves too seriously and yet they almond always do so.

MrNinosan22d ago

Heavenly Sword was the best for me.

Cacabunga22d ago

Nice game with great acting and character animations but was a tad repetitive..
still big time pity they haven’t made a sequel.. def had big potential

blackblades21d ago

That's about everyone right there, the good ole days

helicoptergirl22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

They should have had grander ambitions for the sequel, but it seems it's not even as good as the first game. Their next project needs to ramp up production.

Hofstaderman22d ago

Next project? This is Microsoft.

Eonjay22d ago

I don't trust Metro for game reviews but I have to ask: if it's on PC too what game is it saying looks better on PC?