Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 review - a triumphant return to a challenging story | Eurogamer

Eurogamer's review of Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, which continues Senua's story with grace, confidence, surprising brutality and utter conviction.

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PrinceOfAnger32d ago

Nice, a perfect score from eurogamer.
Cant wait for Digital foundry analysis for the game.

solideagle32d ago

you know they will praise the hell out of it :)

repsahj32d ago

From Digital Foundry? c'mon man, you know how unbiased that site is from MS Games. XD

Aloymetal32d ago

IGN and Eurogamer to the rescue...All is needed now is the ''technical'' review from Microsoft's surrogates...Aka Digital Foundry...

Abear2132d ago

Does DF analysis validate your decision to purchase?

PhillyDonJawn32d ago

I'm really interested now. Getting a lot of 9s and perfect scores with a sprinkle of 6s.

InUrFoxHole32d ago

7 or 8. Like xbox but I'm realistic

Father__Merrin32d ago

Shill review had this been ps5 only they would sing to different tune

GamingSinceForever32d ago

They literally just gave Stellar Blade a perfect score.

Abear2132d ago

Proof that apples and oranges are both delicious but if you could just choose one…

MrNinosan32d ago

No, they didn't.
They gave Stellar Blade 4/5.

Einhander197232d ago

If you make a real game with actual graphics modes and a story that's longer than a tv episode with some actual game play and it's tied to Sony the best you can hope for is an 80.

If you make a 6 hour walking sim that can't even preform at 60fps 10/10 as long as it's on xbox.

If this game was on PlayStation it would have been 6/10 at best.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - 60
Helldivers 2 - 80
Pacific Drive - 80
Silent Hill: The Short Message - 60
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - 80
Rise of the Ronin - 80
Stellar Blade - 80
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - 80

Petebloodyonion32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

You know that they have a 5 points score system right?
so they basically gave 1 point less for your PS5 game so wow they must be so biased and bought by MS unlike the folks at Eurogamer who stood their ground to give Starfield their well-deserved 3/5 (60%) when all MS-bought media gave Starfield 8 and above.

Have you considered that perhaps the reviewer simply loves this kind of game and he was impressed with REAL next-gen graphics and REAL use of 3d sounds? something was supposed to define what was the Ps5 and Serie X?

Einhander197231d ago (Edited 31d ago )


Actually you bring up a good point on how they constantly overlooked Tempest which was doing real 3d with ray traced audio way back in Forbidden West. And I almost forgot AstroBot which came with the console for free also had Tempest 3D at launch.

But it's all similar to how they praised Starfield for having graphical modes like 40fps and unlocked framerrates like it was some kind of new thing and they were so innovative while ignoring the fact that Sony has had that for nearly every single exclusive going back to Miles Morales.

But yes, I think rating this game higher than FF7R a game which has longer mini games than this entire game and easily 10x the hours of spoken dialog an actual world to explore and 10x main the story length with 90 to 150 hour+ plus worth of content to be a travesty. Especially when you realize the game is only 30 fps and doesn't even hold that with a resolution at 900p on Series X.

In fact every game I listed except Silent Hill The Short Message which was free and almost the same length but more dialog was at least 20 hours with most of them being over 40 hours.

If this is all you want from Microsoft so be it, they will be happy to give you 6 hours worth of gameplay every 7 years, I'm sticking with PlayStation where games are expected to be of a much higher quality and value.

andy8532d ago

Eurogamer that gave both Horizons a 6/10 😂

Eonjay32d ago

Something is off with these scores. All I am seeing are 6s and 10s. You either have to go overboard with praise or basically hate it?

Einhander197232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

DF actually lies in their comparisons, cross reference them, nearly every time they will say xbox "is the same" graphics as PlayStation even when PS5 clearly has better draw distances higher res textures at distance better or lighting over all.

If they say "same" cross reference it, nine times out of ten they are lying.

Or how they will cherry pick a frame drop on PS5 and show it in the first 10% of the video even if the game performs at 60 FPS 99.9% of the time.

One of the most egregious things they did was in The Finals video they repeatedly showed the game on PlayStation in the low 40 FPS, which was footage from the beta, the patch notes even talked about this bug and how it was fixed in the full version but they showed the footage for their full release video.

And don't even get me started about their absolute bs about the PS5 Pro.

Tacoboto32d ago

You seem mentally unwell.

mapeci32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Seems strange.

darthv7232d ago

Agreed... there are plenty of other posts with scores in between 5-10 but it is only IGN (8), Metro (5), Gamespot (6) and this one (10) that are getting the lion's share of comments.

Einhander197231d ago


Pardon me, I meant to reply to PrinceOfAnger