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Hellblade 2 is perhaps the most visually remarkable Xbox title to date, but is ultimately undermined by its emphasis on fidelity over story and gameplay.

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potatoseal22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Fidelity over story and gameplay? “Extremely minimal gameplay with simple puzzles and flat combat.” - Wow that's pretty damning. I'm still going to check it out though. It will be an experience

LoveSpuds22d ago

I did fear it would be found wanting in the gameplay department, I felt that the first game got very repetitive quite quickly as the combat and puzzles never really progressed or developed.

It sounds to me like it will be a good game, one I'll enjoy at some point, but it is far from the blockbuster MS need right now. I do fear for the studio now given the lukewarm reception of a game.

Cacabunga21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

LOL Paper Mario scored way better than this thing

itsmebryan22d ago

It's funny that comments are mostly on the low reviews and not 8 and above reviews. I thought the first game was odd . Not, sure if I will give this one a try.

OtterX22d ago

Sounds like something I'd rather watch someone stream, while I do some work.

solideagle22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

someone wrote: "IGN 8 but Gamespot 6, so it is 7" lol

Jingsing22d ago

Forbes gave it a 7 which is a 5 knowing their biases.

outsider162422d ago

I haven't read any of the reviews. Whats the common con here? I mean it looks amazing. Also at this point, i really feel bad for Ms..and Obscure.

solideagle22d ago

I think common is that gameplay takes a backseat over fidelity/graphics.

Baza22d ago

Confirms what we already knew.

Terry_B22d ago

As I said monthy..even years ago. It was a clear sign that they showed almost zero gameplay during the last 4 years, since its first trailer. Its more like a beautiful tech demo than anything else I bet.

neutralgamer199222d ago

Sadly that’s what it ended up being with so little gameplay. I mean these studios are now failing and it’s on them. I don’t blame MS at all. They are giving these studios support and resources now it’s up to the studios to manage. If this is what NT can deliver than would any of us be surprised if they are shut down next? End of the day it’s a business and those that make money stay in business and those who squandered opportunities don’t.

I will see comments saying MS are to blame but IMO they aren’t. NT use to struggle for financial stability now that they have it they haven’t done anything but waste away the opportunity

Einhander197222d ago

The funny thing is if your playing on console you're not even seeing these screenshot graphics that they are showing playing on $1000+ PC GPU's.

Show the series s screenshots...

purple10122d ago (Edited 22d ago )


yeh bit blurry mate, just checked. suppose we all suspected it would be,. still looks good though

-Foxtrot22d ago

Feels we’re split between two camps with these reviews

Those giving it perfect or almost near perfect scores only really talk about the graphics with how impressive it is. It’s the main core topic discussed.

The other talks about everything else while not getting sucked into how pretty it is.

Feels like it’s early 2010s where graphics were everything

Flawlessmic22d ago

Repost from my comment in the ign review.

Haven't played the first before but so far, the game is very pretty on PC anyway, not sure what cuts or downgrades had to be made for the xbox version but this look great on pc at 4k Max settings.

Firstly I'll say it's great to see ms make a game a like this to diversify there offerings, butttttt, if listening to xbox fans for years on end complain about cinematic games and supposed walking simulators I would be gobsmacked if all of a sudden they love that now, especially considering this takes both cinematic and walking simulator to new levels.

It's basically just an on rails cinematic movie, and considering the games length fair to say what I've played is indicative of the whole game.

I mean I love a good cinematic game as much as anyone, but this is pushing that boundary a bit to much.

Not a fan of them having blacked out top and bottom of my tv like movies do either, but i understand its a cinematic choice that suits what there going for.

Can't see this game appealing to xbox players really but if your into a very very cinematic interactive story and pretty visuals this is for you.

Can't comment on the story for now, so I'll wait till I'm done for that.

purple10122d ago

ahh it has black bars, interesting, that massively reduces the amount of pixels rendered, so frees up resources obviously to push those stunning graphics.

I see now.

also Id comment on your comment "Firstly I'll say it's great to see ms make a game a like this to diversify there offerings," with, you know sony sunded the first game,

I personally wouldn't put it past ms to buy ninja theory just to keep it of playstation, however I suppose now it seems they may end top releasing it on ps anyway, I assume,

excuse my rambling,

Jingsing22d ago

One of the camps wants it to be a win for Microsoft and well those camps are fairly transparent at this point. The game is mediocre like the first one.

victorMaje22d ago

I'm expecting Phil's next spin to go something like: "We've thrived to deliver to you the best graphical story in gaming..." then of course "...something gamepass..."
Shame for Ninja Theory though, I hope they don't get affected due to low scores.

Petebloodyonion21d ago

What I find funny is the majority talk about how the game is a walking sim, tedious puzzle, and simple combats when it's exactly how the first one plays!
Yet the majority had no problem at the time.