Senua's Saga: Hellblade II Review - IGN

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is another Viking-worthy feast for the senses that meets the high bar set by its predecessor, even if it never really manages to clear it.

Hofstaderman22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Wait till the other reviews hit, we in for a show. Mr. Matty Plays says its a letdown compared to the first. Current metacritic is at 80 even with the usual cherry picked sites giving full marks...

repsahj22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Even MrPatty which is known as xbox guy says he is disappointed with the game.

Hofstaderman22d ago

@repsahj yeah pretty much, but he does give fair objective reviews and he has spoken out against XBOXs questionable decisions. That Colt guy on the other hand....

-Foxtrot22d ago

Have they cherry picked? Like in terms of what they did to Starfield?

lucian22922d ago

if it's worse than the first game, then it's trash lmao. first game wasnt even all that good

darthv7222d ago

so its been several hours since you posted this comment and i am seeing a range between 5 and 10 and yet nobody is commenting on the other scores in between. Its only 4 stories that are getting all the chatter. IGN (8), Gamespot (6), Metro (5) and Eurogamer (10).

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1Victor22d ago

As expected from ign 🤷🏿 let’s wait and see before claiming a roaring success

RaidenBlack22d ago

I think the ideal score should've been Senua II a 7/10 and Stellar Blade an 8/10

VenomUK22d ago

Good old IGN flying the flag! 🎮✅

Neonridr22d ago

8 is meh? today's generation is like "perfect or bust" apparently.

Gamingsince198122d ago

I think the might mean all the other reviews that are far far lower scores

shinoff218321d ago

Which blows my fking mind. A true 8bis an awesome game. People put to much stock in the damn things. Stop taking other peoples opinions so much. The only thing incan really take from a review is ,is it broke , neonridr that wasn't directed at you in no way.

Neonridr21d ago

@Gamingsince1981 - could be, who knows. Although it's sitting at 81 on metacritic, so 8/10 seems pretty much bang on.

Reaper22_21d ago

Any game not published by sony.

TheEroica21d ago

All these simps hoping a game fails... How pathetic can you possibly get?

P_Bomb21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Dude c’mon, you’re one of the most negative posters on here, lol!

An 8 isn’t a bad score either.

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Furesis22d ago

This came out? I don't think i saw any marketing for it.

Hofstaderman22d ago

There was literally no marketing.

Barlos22d ago

It's not a game designed to be sold. This game screams 'Gamepass'.

Ninver22d ago

They figured lots of money has already been spent making the game. Marketing is an afterthought.

Redgrave22d ago

It definitely had tons of marketing, according to one XBOX faithful who provided no source or proof beyond 'i saw it' so it must be true on all fronts and it is the rest of us who are both blind and wrong.

Lightning7722d ago

Not sure what you mean even the Xbox faithful they said there was 0 marketing. Not sure which fanboys you're seeing there was nothing out there besides a trailer yesterday.

blackblades21d ago

It's game pass dont need marketing when you aren't focus on selling

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Profchaos22d ago

Gamespot is 6 and IGN is 8 so must be a 7

Cockney22d ago

Its a 10 for eurogamer